Chapter Fifteen ~ Pumpkin

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Chapter Fifteen ~ Pumpkin

I read 'Looking for Alaska.' Now I'm broken.

Ava Chance.

Apparently today was the day my doorbell decided to be my alarm clock on a Saturday morning.

'Ding dong - ding don- ding dong!'

I squinted my eyes and did a little stretch that resembled a demon possessing me. Then I laid back down under my covers.

"Ding dong - Ding dong - Ding do-"

"I'm coming!" I screamed from my upstairs bedroom, and I threw my blanket off of me.

While I was rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I made my way down stairs in just a baggy white t-shirt, neon pink strawberry boxer shorts and my hair in a braid from last night.

All I could think was, I'm going to send whoever's on the other side of that door running.

Once I did open that door, I found Cooper standing there in all his glory, looking as perfect as ever, and a lot happier than I was feeling.

"You're looking sexy as fuck," he winked, sarcastically but still managed to make me blush.

"And you're in a good mood."

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Oh yeah, you got laid yesterday, 'course you're happy, I thought bitterly.

"No reason," I replied instead, with a perky smile that didn't reach my eyes. "Why are you disturbing my Saturday morning anyways?"

"Oh yeah," he smiled cheekily, and putting his arm around my back, he guided me outside. "Your looks just distract me sooo much."

"Mm-Hm," I muttered dryly, hating how he was now flirting with me when just yesterday he'd probably been with another girl.

I was confusing myself. Why was I getting so jealous over a guy I was just friends with, and who certainly didn't just have a thing for me?

"Okay, now you're going to have to close your eyes."

Oblivious to my pissy mood. Of course.

"No peaking!" He put a hand over my eyes when I had just peaked.

"Alright, alright, you ready?" He asked hurriedly.


"Okay well I'm not, so just hold still for a sec."

And then he ran down my yard further I assumed. I laughed, and then almost fell.

"Okay, you may now-" He paused dramatically, making me want to roll my eyes. Unfortunately I couldn't though. My sassiest would have to wait. "Open!"

Once I did open my eyes, I came forward to a small black and white husky puppy. Every so often it hiccupped adorably.

"I picked him because he reminded me so much of you," he smiled as the puppy clumsily walked over to me, fell on his own legs, and failed to get back up.

"Thanks," I responded dryly, knowing he was talking about the first time we met.

His big brown eyes stared deep into my soul with so much innocence, his tongue was well out of his mouth showing his big smile and killer teeth, and just by the way he was jumping around wagging his tail I could tell he was full of energy just waiting to be played with.

I knelt down to his level and picked him up.

"He's for me?"

"Yes ma'am."

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