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"You may now kiss the bride," the officiant said.

Shawn leaned in and gave me a kiss. His lips lingered on mine probably a few seconds more than was appropriate, but neither of us cared. This wedding was about us and our love, convention be damned.

As we separated we turned towards our friends and family who all started applauding. I felt like everyone also released a collective sigh of relief that we'd made it through the wedding with nothing terrible happening.

We walked across the lawn and smiled at all our loved ones. Our wedding had been held at a public park in Ajax. I was wearing a simple robin's egg blue sundress and Shawn had on a white button down shirt and slacks. Our attendants wore whatever they wanted. It was the epitome of a casual summer wedding.

I'd decided months ago that I could not wear the same wedding dress I'd chosen for my first wedding, so I donated it to charity. Once the dress was gone, it just felt right to go with a very low-key wedding. We'd lost thousands of dollars on the other wedding, so that was in the back of our minds, too. Most of the picnic-style food was made by our families. The only splurges were the multiple bottles of good champagne and the two tiered wedding cake.

"Congratulations," Detective Miller said as she approached us. "You two have proven me wrong more than once. I'm glad of that, too. You are obviously a very happy couple."

I gave her a hug and thanked her, as did Shawn. We then moved on to talk with the other guests. There were less than 50 people there, so it wasn't a difficult task.

Alice and her partner, Beth, greeted us warmly.

"You two make me proud to be a counselor," Alice told us. "I can't think of many couples I've worked with who love each other like you do."

Shawn gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, Alice, for helping us work our problems out."

Bridget, Jake, Morgan, and Kurt were sitting on a blanket playing with Arabella, who was crawling everywhere.

"Come sit with us!" Bridget exclaimed.

"Hold on, we're grabbing drinks first," I said.

Morgan held up a bottle of champagne. "We have drinks here!"

I laughed as they passed the bottle around, just like we did in college many years ago.

"I'll grab another bottle," Shawn said. "We'll be right back."

We came across my mom and Mike plotting with Shawn's parents, Karen and Manny, about future grandchildren.

"Are you guys seriously talking about us having a baby just ten minutes after we got married?" I asked incredulously.

"You two have made us wait a long time," Karen said. "And we've been pretty patient! It's the least you can do for us."

My mom nodded in agreement. "I keep looking at Arabella and it is killing me! You need to get on it!"

All eyes then went to Shawn who threw his hands up in the air. I laughed, knowing he had been fueling the grandparent fire. He'd never made it a secret that he was ready to be a dad right now.

We walked away and went over to the picnic table that housed the drinks. Shawn picked up two champagne flutes. He filled his with bubbly and mine with orange juice.

"I feel kind of bad not telling them," I said.

"They'll know soon enough. I like that it's just us right now."

Three days ago I'd taken a pregnancy test because I was late. Sure enough, the result was positive. We hadn't been trying to get pregnant, but I had gone off the pill after we moved into our condo. It was just way too easy to be careless, and maybe subconsciously we knew we were ready, which lead to some risk taking.

We were both overjoyed with the result of the test, and knowing we were expecting a baby in nine months made our wedding even more special.

Shawn clinked his glass against mine. "Here's to us, baby."

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