Chapter 2

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Sorry for the long wait, and the short chapter. I've been fighting a cold so it's hindered my writing a little. I'm almost back to 100% so things can only get better right? :) Thank you for all the get well wishes and the amazing response to the first chapter and I hope you like this one just as much.

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These mixers were every unmated wolves dream. To be able to surround ourselves with so many unmated she wolves. Yeah, they were all hoping they would meet their mate at one of these things, and if we were lucky enough to dodge that bullet, then we were available to console those who hadn’t found theirs, with a little comforting in the sheets. True, many of them were the ‘wait for my mate’ types who wouldn’t put out no matter how hard you tried to convince them it would make them feel better, but there were a few who were so disappointed at not finding their happily ever after’s that they become easy targets, and I never miss my mark.

Spotting a familiar blonde across the room brought to mind another group of girls that could always be counted on for a good time, pack sluts. These were the girls that every male wolf knew he could go to if he struck out with the heart broken ones. These girls had no plans to save themselves for their mates, they wanted one thing and one thing only, status. The ability to say they’ve been with or plan on being with one of the hottest guys at the mixer was all they needed to spread their legs. Being that my best friend Joshua, who just so happens to be a future Alpha, and myself, his future Beta, were pretty blessed in the looks and built department, not to mention we were next in line to lead our pack, we never lacked for female company.

As I scanned the growing crowd, searching for my friend, my eyes once again landed on the blonde, Tiffany. She was a member of our pack, and pretty much a regular lay of mine. I knew she secretly hoped she’d be more, and had hinted at it on more than one occasion, but that wasn’t gonna happen. I should probably cut her loose, but the sex was too damn good to give up right now. Still, I needed to make it more clear to her that what we have is temporary. I may be a play boy, and I can’t deny the fact that I enjoy sex just as much as the next hormonal male, but as surprising as it may be I respect the beliefs of a mate. When I find mine, I plan on cleaning up my act and devoting myself to her completely. My parents have always told me how important and special a mate is. They’ve stressed how much stronger you are when you have the love and support of them by your side. My parents were proof of what a good mating is, and I wanted that for myself one day. Just not so soon.

At least I knew if I didn’t obtain any new bed partners tonight, I could rely on Tiffany to handle my needs. I felt my body getting excited just thinking about it. Shaking myself of those thoughts, and realizing I hadn’t even started to size up the females here tonight, I continued my search for my partner in crime, Joshua, and finally found him making his way towards me with a few people I didn’t recognize following him. He said he was going to find his cousin so we could finally meet. The way he talks about this girl you would assume they were brother and sister, that’s how close they were. He even went so far as to give me the ‘hands off’ lecture when it came to her. Based on what some of the other guys have told me, she’s a hottie, or more specifically majorly bang-able, but of course this was all said out of Josh’s earshot or those guys would be crippled for life right now. Josh is very protective of his cousin, and I wouldn’t be stupid enough to mess with her because if she’s family to him, she’s basically family to me. That’s how close we are and I planned on keeping it that way. I was anxious to meet her, and see for myself just how bang-able she was.

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