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They walked with a Warrior wolf as they headed back into the snowy lands. It was cold and the winds were ruthlessly beating down on their skin.

"Our cave is just near here!" Diago called, however Loki didn't respond.

He hated the Elders with a passion. He didn't see the problem of staying here because he was not an avenger.

Now he had to wait for the avengers to pick him up and bring him back to The Stark tower. He didn't want to go, but knew he had to...it was the law that he needed to follow.

They spotted the cave ahead before both wolves froze in their tracks...

Loki stopped also, watching as Diago sniffed at the cold air  before growling menacingly. They all sprinted to the cave to see it in a mess...

The bed made out of fur, leaves, twigs and other things had been ripped apart and flung across the room. Deep long scratches decorated the cave, spots of blood were also visible in the room.

"Rock." Diago growled, the warrior wolf looked up

"Yes, sir?"

"Find the elders and tell them what has happened. " He ordered and Loki watched as Rock went flying back up the heel.

"Who did this?" Loki asked, the only sound he recieved was the dark growl that came from the Alpha males chest.
Diago sniffed at the blood before he whinned, ears flapping to the side

"That is Sara's blood." Diago mumbled before sniffing again, that's when his mood switched like a light as he growled "Aria...i smell her blood," However he smirked slightly "My little girl scratched her in the eye," He barked.

'Well done Yuki' Loki thought.

"The elders should hear of this news and then help us...i don't know who took them..."

"Clearly it was Aria," Loki stated, inspecting the giant wolf nest.

"She was with humans..."

"We are here to collect Loki..." Came Thor's loud voice.

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