Chapter 7

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One hour later, Chloe finally arrived at her dorm room with her dinner in one hand and her satchel of books in another. Chloe immediately kicks off her high heel boots and shuts the door behind her. She goes to her workstation and sets her bags on the desk.

Today was brutal for her and not because of what happened with Selena. She had to go to three classes in the morning, including the one she came back from. She was exhausted, but it was all worth it finishing her acceded studies. Now she is going to spend one month backpacking all through Europe in October. But first, she had to get her credentials in order and send them to Interpol to become a full agent. For Chloe, this couldn't come at a better time due to all the nonsense that is happening around the University. Especially with the murders six months ago.

But she didn't want to think about that. She had a piping hot cart of chicken cacciatore and a pint of vanilla ice cream in the fridge. It was time for her to put on some Netflix movies and decompress.

Chloe wasted no time turning on her high-performance laptop and connecting herself to the internet. Routinely, Chloe checks her email, and one of the messages are from a friend in high school she is still in contact with. Chloe reads the letter carefully:

From: Andrea Mercy <>

To: Chloe Serpentine <>

Date: Tue, Sep 5, 2014, at 6:03 PM

Subject: "Springtime for Oleander in Spain"



I know I should have contacted you earlier, I have been busy with part-time jobs and school. I've heard a lot of shit went down last year. Some whack ass anime magical female knock-offs saving everybody. I know it's not my place to label anyone, even though you and I are smarter than all those people down there in Europe. Plus, I've heard he got your hands full, Chloe, so I didn't want to bother you.

Anyway, I can go on and on about everyone's life instead of my own. But there is a lot of shit I had to deal with back home. I had to deal with those fuckers, the Apex Predators and Oleander Syndicate feuding. Something about a forgotten coalition of dark agencies battling one another over some blood vendetta or whatever.

I want us to team up again like old times, Chloe. Since high school, I never seen you face to face. Don't worry, it's entirely understandable. With you and me going to Spain next month, it'd be good to catch up with you about everything. I have a YouTube video to share with you. I took it over to my friend to refurbish the video a little bit. For some odd reason, we can't encode it. The video is messed up.

I also bought the new smartphone from Apple. I bought a purple case with it to match my new hair color. Fortunately, I kept my old phone number so you can call me. Plus, thanks for the birthday present, Chloe. My mom really loved the lobster you imported from France. Too bad, Dad discovered he was allergic to shellfish. And by the way... change your weak-ass handle ID "2ndGenConstantine." It's so lame.


Andrea Mercy

Chloe laughs as she clicked on the attachment and view the video. The video had no sound, and the picture was fuzzy. From Chloe's perspective, it showed an authority figure was ordering five others who were wearing dark green and dark blue uniforms holding machine guns into a rundown mansion. Or was it five?

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