Day 5- Deadline

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They awoke to a beautiful and warm morning as they both got ready to face the elders. Diago bathed in the river and got his fur combed by a deer and Loki put on some human clothes provided for him. They were a green loose top made out of spiders silk and trousers made by cows leather, he also wore a pare of brown boots.

The same horse from yesterday appeared, he then lead them to the elders

"Whats your name?" Loki asked.

"My name is Rahl. I am the Elders messanger."  His voice was deep and comanding, it vibrated through his neck and out his large mouth

"Does that mean when the elders step will take their place?"

"No. Only wolves may stand where the Elders stand." Rahl said. They suddenly stopped at a beautiful garden of flowers, they separated into halfs so a path was made. At the end of the path stood two rocks, laying on them rocks sat the elders, their intense gaze sat upon the two.

"You may come forward!" Ordered the deep, loud and rich voice of the male Elder (who loki could only assume was Z). Elder Z was a very grey wolf, although grey he had a very light patch of white on the mussel that looked like a beard. He had a big aged coat that was frizzled and un-neat. His golden eyes aged and wise. He was a big wolf but was definately smaller than Diago. Z was laying down on his rock, his head looked like it was going to callapse any minute. He looked so  ill and fragile that any rouge could easily get to him

Next to him was a slightly smaller wolf. No doubt she was Elder Vita. She had dark brown almost black fur that was short and tussled. She too had white patches near her mussle and amber eyes. She ,however, looked heathier and stronger, she was on her feet and eyeing them more intensely then Elder Z.

They walked forward slowly, hopefully showing no signs of aggression.

Diago bowed his head deep to the floor as Loki did the same.

"You may rise," Barked Elder Z gruffly, followed by a long line of chesty coughs. Vita pushed a bowl of water closer to his nuzzle as he lapped it up.

"What do you wish from us?" Vita asked

"This is my adopted son...My mate had adopted him from the snow storm when Humans threw him out." Diago began "He has been with us ever since...but now the people want him back...they call themselves the avengers,"
Vita snarled.

"They have caused much harm with mother natures home...they bring in machines and people with unnatural power."

"We know My Elders...however Loki has been approved in my Mates eyes and my own...They wish to have him but Luna Sarafina refuses." Diago bowed again as he saw Vita's glare. However looked up when Elder Z spoke

"How is she?" He asked "How is Sarafina? It has been years since i have seen her."

"She is at home with the kin. They have also grown...their Trial will begin soon."

"I hope they are prepared..." Vita said suddenly "i wouldn't be able to bare watching her having to give up one of her pups..."

"Indeed," Diago barked.

"You are aware..." Coughed Elder Z "That if we were to accept him...he would have to go through the same trial?"

"Yes Elder Z. We are aware.."

"Are you also aware...the Avengers ability to destroy the Sanctuary?"  Vita asked.

"Yes Elders."

"I am sorry...but no..." Vita stated. Loki quickly looked up at them with fear.

"Why, may i ask?" Diago tried to act natural but his voice cracked

"We cannot have Avengers here. They are dangerous...and at a time like this...when an Elder has fallen ill is not the allow you to get home quicker i will send a Warrior to travel with you...with them you will have enough time to say goodbye to Sarafina and her kin. This is my final judgement..."

With that they were forced away. ..

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