Chapter 26

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Days passed after the practice match between Karasuno's two volleyball teams, which the girls lost, and golden week soon started. The girls team practiced a few extra days, and even got themselves a practice match due too Emiko calling around to some of her friends from other schools. It was the six regulars plus the two liberos that mostly showed up, but quite a few girls left early or came late. Emiko observed Yui as more then four girls joined her, Yui, the Yukihira twins as well as some of the regular girls half an hour into training. The female captain was never assertive, letting the girls join in with out any questioning.

Emiko knew that if she ended up being the captain after Yui left, that she would not look kindly on skipping, unless there was a good reason for it. She wouldn't mind having one day of the week were the club members could relax; there's a difference between skipping and resting. The second years facial expression hardened as Yui welcomed them.

"Yui-san, you shouldn't so lenient on people coming late or skipping." Emiko told Yui as the new arrivals warmed up.

"I know, Emiko-san. I've just never been good at telling people off." The third year sighed, knowing that her underclassmen was correct. She hoped that the club would go through revival once Emiko took charge. The girls trained for the next three hours, taking a small break after, wanting to fill up their water bottles and then continue.

Emiko sat by the wall of the gym, still having water in her bottle, she took her phone out of her bag and texted Nishinoya, asking how their training camp was going. After not receiving a reply for several minutes, she texted Ushijima, asking if he wanted to meet up at some point. She got a reply about a minute late.

Ushijima had agreed to meet up with her later that day after practice. He suggested they could go get something to eat together. After replying, Yui called all the girls up so they could continue with practice. Shoving her phone into her bag, she left her water bottle and ran over to the third year, ready to play some volleyball.

"We'll be playing a game now." She said and started separating the girls that were there into two teams, though there wasn't six per team. They were playing 5 v 4, Emiko, Yukihira Tsuyu, Nakiri Emiri and one of their new first years, Hatake Akira, against Yui, Yukihira Koemi, Ito Ikumi, Takashi Megumi and Nakamura Sanyu. Emiko's team was going to serve first. 

The day passed quickly for Emiko, and soon she went to meet up Ushijima. They had decided to meet up at a coffee shop between their two schools, about an hour after their practices finished. Emiko walked into the coffee shop, looking for the tall lefty as soon as she entered. Her blue eyes landed on his form sat in a corner, looking at a school book.

"Hey, Ushi-kun." Emiko greeted lightly, a smile on her lips as she sat down next to her boyfriend. He quickly greeted her back, sending her a small smile himself. The two sat together for two hours, drinking their hot beverages and eating some cookies that they had ordered together.

"Emiko, would you like me to take you home?" Ushijima asked as he noticed that it was getting dark outside.

"It would be nice if you could." She replied with a small nod. The two  paid and made their way to the train station, knowing it would be quicker then walking to the Kageyama residence. They held hands and talked quietly. When they got onto the train, they looked for two seats next to each other, finding them easily. They were faced sideways, empty seats on both their sides. Ushijima's arm was around Emiko's shoulders, her head leaning on his shoulder. His embrace was warm, but it felt slightly lacking to Emiko. They talked quietly as they waited for the train to reach their stop. It didn't take long for them to get out of their seats, get off the train and make their way into the street, walking hand in hand.

"Emiko-san, i had a really nice time today." Ushijima told the second year spiker as they reached her front door. 

"Me too." Emiko replied, smiling up at the tall third year. "You should probably start going Ushiwaka if you want to get home before its too late." He nodded and leaned down, pressing his lips to your cheeks, sending small tingles across your skin, pushing away the doubt you had earlier.  You opened the front door and smiled at him before going in, missing the light smile on his face.

A/N sorry that this is a short chapter but i'm really busy at the moment since i'll be having my end of year exams soon and need to revise for them since i'll be doing my GCSE's next year. I hope you guys understand. I'll still try to update but they may be a bit slow.

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