My Favorite Things (like kibble)

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The lovely rosaimee asked and I answered - here are some of my faves -

Color - blue

Animal - dog (of course)

Fave place in house - computer room

Landscape - I love Cape Cod

Fruit/veg - raspberry/carrot

Artist - Hieronymous Bosch

Country - hmm England

WP user - KatrinHollister (and you)

Body part - I have great long fingers

Story - gonna go with The Metamorphosis by Kafka

TV show - do ya have to ask? Star Trek!

Season - summer

Holiday - I like Memorial Day so much I got married on it

Academic subject - I took it last semester - Social Media Platforms. If you're looking for something more mainstream, I always loved Creative Writing, English, that sort of thing

Past time period - let's give it up for the Renaissance!

Weather - sunny, light cloud cover and breeze, maybe 75 degrees F

Film - comedy - Monty Python & the Holy Grail

- romance - The Truth About Cats and Dogs

- horror/suspense - The Third Man (it's an Orson Welles film)

Friend - Mr. j (or Vanessa from High School; I've known her a lot longer)

Character of my own story - oh man that's like choosing among your children. I'll go with Lili O'Day. She's smart, she's sassy, and she cooks considerably better than I bet I ever will

Fave other's character - I love Katrin's Aerith from Rise of the Vengeful Dragon. Now there's someone with a lot on her plate.

Person in history - eek, I'll go with Charlotte Bronte

Strength/talent - I have double-jointed elbows. Oh, something serious? I'm very organized

Fave brand/store - I'm not too terribly brand-conscious. New Balance, I suppose.

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