I drove myself home, the radio is playing all the R n B music by Rihanna.

"Oh nana, what's my name? Oh nana, what's my name?" I started singing crazily, shaking my shoulders while my hands, tapping the stirring wheel.

Hey, I'm not the loud type of person in school you know, I did say I was in the level four position so I don't have any possible right to decline or make some noise.

So it was a once in a blue moon chance I can sing and get crazy and everything.

I do it either in the car or in my room where I can express my locked feelings.

I sometimes paint, draw, sing in my heart's content when I am alone.

"Mom, I'm home!" I yelled, while clutching the door knob and closing it behind me.

"Hey honey, go get ready, our new room mates will arrive soon." Mom happily chirped, finishing the last touch of icing on the beautiful lemon meringue pie centering the table.

"Really? Oh my gosh, I'm so excited! But I still got so much homework to do.." I grumbled, homework not even mine.

"Oh is that so? Okay then, I'll just call you when they're here. They're having supper with us and the roast chicken is still in the oven. Tsk.."

"Okay mom." I smiled, making my way to my room.

I dragged my bag and books, fixing my eyeglasses then slamming the door shut.

I laid my stuff on my study table, starting on that jock's homework.

I don't even know his name but he knows mine.

Sheesh, maybe that's the problem with being a loser.

Maybe Ella's sort of right.. about being invisible..

But if I *was* invisible, then Mr. Hottie won't even notice me, that's the disadvantage in that.

After concentrating on the numbers on the book, I feel completely dizzy.

Then it was all pitch black.





Am I still dreaming?

All that shouting.. was that all a dream?

When someone hit me on the head.

I finally came back to my senses, my eyeglasses on both eyes and drool in.. oh crap, that jock's homework!

Well.. drool dries off anyway, doesn't it? So I'm cool..

As long as he doesn't smell it.

I turned around, drool on my chin, I'm still feeling queasy when my eyes widened as I saw my mom..





With Mr. Hottie.. and his brother..

I fixed myself, my hair importantly, I used the rubber band on my wrist and I wore it as a ponytail, wiping the drool with the back of my hand and flashing my perfect set of white teeth--- with braces..

Yeah, I'm a nerd.. :(

My eyes widened and my gaze shifted to mom.

"What did I say about dozing off when doing your homework?" Mom sternly asked.

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