Day 4

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It was dawn when they left. They had climbed the mountains and the wind was tame so they walked at a regular place on the level ground.

"Why would you do that?" Loki asked

"Not now." Diago growled.

"Yes! Now! Does Mother know?" The God Of Mischief jogged a little to catch up with him

" Yes. She knew Aria was in heat so she forgave me. She wanted me to still see the pups so i would travel to the mountains once a month to say hello. I was gone for a week each month... She doesn't know about the death of my late kin though..." Diago sighed "Eventhough their mother was a cruel woman...i still could not abandon my pups. I knew i had a life with Sara, but i couldn't leave my children with the horrid rouge. When they were old enough to make their own desitions i would, with Sara's permission, ask them to become part of my pack...obviously i can't do that ever..." His voice was lost in them final words as he refused to meet the Gods eyes.

"I am so sorry you had to go through that...and that i doubted you," The green dressed man stated.

"It is fine...i would of done the same..."

The cold temperature became warm and welcoming as snow slowly started to melt.

"What?" Loki mumbled as he watched flowers suddenly bloom.

"This is the Sanctuary. The elders live here . It is a place that offers peace. Fighting and hunting are band from this area." Loki watched as deer and horses happily eat grass.

"Why don't you and the pack stay here?" Loki asked

"Because we don't need to...The Sanctuary is used only for the animals who are wronged in the way they live..." The Alpha kept on walking before being stopped by a female cub.

"Hullo Sir." The beautiful grey pup greeted

"Hello Gabrielle." Diago gave a curt nod as he looked down at her.

"How is Eugene?" She asked, her eyes sparkling as she mentioned his name

'Puppy love' Loki thought, fighting back a smirk

"He is fine...came down with a small cold but other then that he is doing just fine...In summer when the snow melts i will bring my family to Sanctuary and you and him will be reunited again..." Duago smiled kindly before a male wolf ran towards them.

"Gabbie!" The darker grey wolf called, probably in his teens "Mother said we have to return to her! You can't just run off!" The wolf looked up at the larger male "S-sir. I'm sorry for interrupting your talk...b-but Gabbie is needed home," The young dark grey hound refused to make eye contact and instead looked at the green grass surrounding his paws

"Very well Danny. Gabrielle, you best go home to your mother." The two pups padded quickly off.

"Why was he so nervous?" Loki questioned

"He is a Omega. The lowest of a rank a wolf can be apart from a rouge. So is Gabrielle, she is young and doesn't understand her place...and if she is interested in my son then she will have to prove herself against some Beta wolves. An Alpha shall always choose the strongest Luna he can find..."

"How many ranks are there?"

"Well...we have;
Thats the order they are in with power. So they are second to last." Diago explained.

" do you get the title?"

"As a pup when you become old enough you are sent out to hunt alone, no help. That will determine what rank you are." Diago explained "However, you are born into an Alpha cannot merely become must be born into the line, however if you are born into the Alpha line and come out of the test as an Omega then the Alpha disowns you and chooses from the Beta's..." Diago explained "Sara and i have trained our pups to make sure we don't have to get rid of them,"

A giant brown stallion walked towards them, two small mares following...
"The elder Z has fallen ill. He requests to see you tommorow. I will show you to your room..."

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