Should i continue this story? my first vamp. story.

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There was no way in hell, that i was gonna do what she wanted. That girl needed to get a grip of herself, before she even thinks about telling me, the easiest way to get over a guy is to become a slut, and sleep with 200 guys- yeah, marisol kiss my ass! Even though i do love you, and you are my best friend, kiss my ass!

UGHH!! walking the streets in 9 inch stiletios, a mini skirt ( wouldnt exactly call it that, more a less a piece of fabric- damn marisol) and loose, long shirt that sat above my butt lightly, is soo not how i wanted to spend tonight, but mai (marisol) just had to talk me into going to this party downtown, saying it would help me getover the fact i walked in on my boyfriend of 5 years cheating on me, with a guy, on my bed, in my apartment. yeah, and lets just say my ex was on his knees when i walked in- sooo did not need that image in my perfect memory. Thats how i ended up at the party, but i left soon afterwards when my ex and his 'fiancee' (yeah walked in, got my torn to shreds and walked out, went to the kitchen walked into my living room, just to see my ex on his knee proposing, man the guy simply cant stay of his knees, can he!) showed up. Now im lost on the streets, its 3:49am, im hungry, and cranky, sooo not a good combination.

"hey fellas, looks like we got us a lil toy walkin" a perverted drunk says to his groupie, only to have hoots and hollers echo the now sleeping street.

"sorry boys, not a prostitute, just heading home" i say in my most saucy tone, i told you i was hungry i cant even be nice to strangers.

"did i ask you? no" the perv replies, getting angry as i walk past him and his groupie.

"good-" the guy cuts me off, by dragging me back- im so hungry i dont even try to fight back, fine if they want a some fun, and they are making my hunger worse. ughhh!!

"now get on the ground now!" pervy drunk 'commands' me.

"hell no, get tthe fad off" i yank my arm away, my accent peeking though my heated words.

"looks like weve got a fiesty forn" a groupie says, reciving hoots.

"fine if you want to play, then lets play" i say in my most seductive voice, laying my eyes, thick- what can i say, i like to play diirty, and guys are so prediictable.

"thats mo-" i yank the leaders arm back, twisting it, to where hes on his knees in pain- haha flyleaf's song again, just popped into my mind."down on your knees again, trying to find air to breathe"

"now shut the fuck up." i command, my hunger and anger takes full control. I inlcine my head downward to where the perves neck is, i sniff, smirk and then cant help myself.

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