"Then...what about those letters you sent us? You delcared war on us! How can you possibly say that you have no interest in ruling the entire world?" I exclaimed. 

Something wasn't adding up. Pontus's story doesn't fit his character. Either he was playing me like a complete fool, or he was hiding something crucial to me.

"Letters? You mean those notes left at Olympus's council room?" He spoke stiffly, and I nodded. He said it with a very irritated look on his face.

"Those aren't mine, boy." He snorted like a pig as he gave a small chuckle, but it wasn't meniacal or anything. It was almost eerie the way he was acting, because the second he said that, I should have freaked out and been taken aback, but rather, I had expected this.

Something about the way he was acting here told me that maybe the war declarations weren't telling the whole truth. I didn't know for sure, but Pontus just confirmed it to me, after all.

"I...see. Then who sent them?" I asked, because Chiron had told me earlier that not many beings could directly send messages to the gods. It couldn't be any old Joe Schmidtt walking down the hallway dropping a piece of paper.

"Why would I disclose that to you?" Pontus hinted. Again, his tone and expression were bizzarre. He wasn't acting aggressive or taking action, as he was rather passive and looking for an actual reason to tell me this information.

"Because I asked you to." I shrugged.

The old sea god turned back to me and slowly stared at me like a rock. After a moment, he took a deep breath and sighed into the morning air, rocking back and forth like he was passing the time leisurely.

"It seems Poseidon's spawns are the same as always. If you truly must know, it was that Jack, or Jake lad. Your brother." He responded softly, and I raised an eye at him.

"Jack? Wh...that doesn't make sense. He's loose a few screws, but he wouldn't endanger everyone at camp for a sick joke..." I thought to myself aloud, and the more I thought about it, I became indecisive. Jack was a bad dude to begin with, but was he...evil?

Did he actually bring terror and anguish to everybody back at camp for a prank or something?

"That child...is no good. Long after I gave up on my original plans, the cursed boy decided to take matters into his own hands. His plan was to ensure the chaos of war upon your demigod tribe, to cause panic and desperation to ensue. He wanted your people to be afraid, to be in need of a savior, a hero. The whole letter nonsense is an illusion, a lie. Your brother wanted to rouse your camp, to get them vulnerable. Once he succeeded, he would leave alone on a quest to "defeat" me. What utter blasphemy as well...anyways, once he left on this so-called "quest" he would just venture meaninglessly for weeks and return, exclaiming that he had fought armies and the strongest of monsters. Your camp was in no danger from the very beginning. So when your brother would return, and no monsters would be sighted, your friends would have to assume he was truthful. A vain attempt at glory, might I say." Pontus explained, and I followed along attentively, listening to every word of his explanation about Jack.

When Pontus first spoke, I didn't believe him. However, the more he spoke about this whole process, the more I could picture Jack accomplishing this little fiasco. I didn't want to believe him, but knowing Jack, this was a little hard to deny.

"Alright. May I ask how you aware of this process?" I said. I couldn't picture Jack straight up telling Pontus about his failed plan, but it did raise a couple of red flags for me.

"I may be old, but I am still a being of pure power. You cannot hide from the seas, Perseus." He said seriously.

I felt...disappointed. I should feel betrayed, outraged, denying the fact that my brother was the cause of all of this mess. This wasn't right. Jack's had it easy all this time, taking advantage of people and doing as he pleases, but this was too far. I expected him to do some stupid things here and there, but to purposely endanger all of camp to try and claim a little glory? 

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