-----5 Months Later-----

Today is the day. The biggest day of Annie's life. I spent the night at her house last night, so I could be with her all day. I walk over to Annie's sleeping figure.

"Annie, wake up. Wake up, today's the day," I say, soothingly. She wakes up with a yawn.

"Today. I can't believe it's today," she says. She can't help but smile. She stands up and hugs me.

"I'm so happy for you, Annie. I hope one day someone will love me as much as Finn loves you. Congratulations Annie," I say, smiling.

"Oh, Katniss, you do. Don't you see the way Peeta looks at you? He shows more love to you in one blink than anyone I have ever seen. You don't need a love like mine and Finn's. Everyone's is different. Anyone that looks at you and Peeta can tell that you were made for each other. Just give it time. I'm sure you two will get married," Annie says.

I hug her, and we just stand there in the hug for a few minutes. I love how she doesn't even bother to think about herself. Today is her wedding day and she is trying to make me feel loved. This girl is definitely my best friend. (Well other than Finn).

"Thank you, Annie. But I don't think Peeta loves me enough to marry me," I say. She frowns. "But, today is your day, not mine. Now lets get you ready!"

Me being her Maid of Honor, I set up an appointment for her hair and makeup. Before we get out of the car to go into the salon, I stop her.

"I have something for you. It's from Finnick," I say, handing her a square box with a note on top that reads: 'For my princess of the sea. -Love, Finn❤'

She opens the box to reveal a crown made of flowers for her to wear today. She smiles when she sees it.

"Finn made that for you. I helped him choose the flowers so it would go with your dress. He wanted you to wear a crown because you're his princess. At least that's what he told me," I say, smiling. She reaches across the seat and hugs me.

"Thank you, Katniss," she says, on the verge of tears, but also smiling.

We walk into the salon and they start on her makeup. Once that's done, they do her hair. First, they curl all I her hair. Then, thy twist all sorts of different pieces into a low bun in the back, leaving some curls out in the front to shape her face. Lastly, they put in the crown so it lays nicely over her hair. (A/N: I will try to post a picture of the dress and the hair later.)

Once that is done, I get my hair and makeup done, along with her other bridesmaids: Johannah, Glimmer, and Clove. After we are all done, we head back to Annie's house. All of the bridesmaids, and myself, put on our sea green dresses, then I help Annie into hers, careful as not to mess up her hair.

Annie's dress has a fitted, lace bodice that goes to the hip, with sheer lace covering her shoulders, and has buttons down the back. It has a flowy, floor-length, tulle skirt that is gathered at the top. (It's not a poofy skirt.) I help her into her "shoes", which, since the wedding is on the beach, are barefoot sandals lined with pearls and having small shells and starfish dangling from them. I then help her with her veil.

Once she is completely ready, we walk to her back door. Her house is on the beach, so they are having their wedding behind her house, near the water. We hear the music start, and I hug Annie before walking down the isle. Once we are all in place, the music changes, as Annie walks down the isle. I look over and see Finnick with a huge smile in his face. This is what he has been waiting for ever since he fell in love with her. When she is standing right in front of Finn, you can tell its all he can do to not take her in his arms and kiss her. He almost looks as if he's in a daze, as he stares lovingly into Annie's eyes.

Now, it's time for the vows. Finnick, of course, starts first.

"Annie, I don't even know how long I have loved you. But, I know that I always will. Forever. You are my other half. I remember one day a friend of mine asked me if I loved you right away," he begins, and I smile knowing that I am the friend he is talking about. "I said, no. You crept up on me," he smiles at this. "I love everything about you. Your sea green eyes, your brown hair, and most of all, your gorgeous smile that lights up a room and makes my day a while lot brighter. I would give my life for you a million times over. You make me the happiest person in the world. Katniss even tells me that I smile the biggest she has ever seen whenever you're around. I love you, my beautiful Annie. Forever and always," he finishes by kissing her hand, which he is holding. Annie is in tears now, but she tries to stay calm enough to say her vows.

"Finnick, I love you more than I can even comprehend. You are so funny ad you joke about everything. But, your are also the most romantic man I have ever known, and you are serious when it comes to that. You treat better than I treat myself. You call me your little sea princess. You make me smile when I cry. You help me deal with the roughest of times, even when it's hard for you as well. You are always so strong for me, but you come to me when you're sad. You are my favorite part of living, and I love having you by my side every minute if everyday. I love you, Finn. My king of the ocean. I love you so much," she says, smiling the entire way through.

They do the rings and say their "I do's". When it comes time for them to kiss, Finnick picks her up in his arms and kisses her.

At the reception, they show the video I took of the proposal. Annie looks amazed, because she didn't know there was a video. Obviously, she loved watching it.

The rest of the wedding goes by nicely, and soon enough, it's time to go home. I meet Peeta at his car afterwards, so he can drive me home. When we get right outside the door of my apartment, Peeta speaks up.

"I can't believe they're married now. It was absolutely beautiful," he says. I unlock my door, letting him in.

"Yeah. I can't believe it either. So, what are you gonna do? You've been living with Finnick, so where are you going now that they're married?" I ask.

"Well, Finn said that they were gonna be living in Annie's house, so I could stay at his. As long as I take care of all the grocery shopping and keeping the yards clean myself, he says I don't even have to pay rent or anything for it," he says. I nod in understanding. Peeta sits down on my couch.

"I'm gonna go change out of this dress. I'll be back," I say, walking to my room.

"Can I change in your bathroom? This tux is driving me insane," Peeta asks.

"Yeah, sure," I say. I walk to my room and change into some sweatpants and a tshirt. I take all of the bobby pins out of my hair, and pull it in a messy bun. When I walk back to the living room, I see Peeta on the couch. I lay down next to him with my head in his lap, and I look up at him. He is wearing a hoodie and sweatpants. I yawn.

"You tired?" Peeta asks me. I nod. "Do you want me to leave so you can go to sleep?" he asks.

"No, you can stay. But, if I fall asleep, you can leave," I say.

"I'll take you to your room if you fall asleep. But, just in case you do, give me a hug," he says, smiling. He always hugs me before he leaves. I hug him, and I go to pull away, but he keeps me there. He backs his face up a little, to look in my eyes. "You are so beautiful," he whispers.

"I love you, Peeta," I say. He puts his hand under my chin to pull my face towards his. He kisses me, and I feel those butterflies that I always feel when I kiss him. I pull away and lay my head back down in his lap. He leans his head down to me, placing his mouth right next to me, where I can feel his lips slightly brushing my ear.

"I love you, too, Katniss. I love you so much," he says, softly. With that, I drift off to sleep.

(A/N: I will try to upload pictures when I get to use my laptop again, but until then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I tried my best on their vows, but I'm sorry that they aren't very good. One chapter to go and then the epilogue! Who's excited?! I am! Well, I guys ill stop bugging you with this author's note, so bye! 😊)

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