Hate Letter

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To: You know who you are,

As you read this letter of mine, I hope you’re open minded and wouldn’t sarcastically judge me for the confession I am going to make. I hope you’re already full-grown to accept it. I kept this clandestine so long that I may not injure you, but my heart nearly breaks into piecesbecause of resentment every time you are near. Ever since we are in high school I alreadyhated your whole personality and the fellows like you.

You make me mad every second, you faded the smile and transform my world in total catastrophe hard to be back in harmony. I’m afraid to hurt someone that’s why I didn’t tell you what I actually feel. You’re self centered and conceited (I can’t take it!!!!) I waited so long for you to change, be sensitive with others’ feelings and tell me that you like me because of me and not because I like you; but I heard nothing... You keep on boosting your ego!

I thought if we’ll separate ways things will change and I’ll soon forget about you. But I was wrong, you keep on ruining my life by telling people that I miss you so much and I want to be your girl even if you don’t want me to show you how much I care. Shuckz! I want to slap your face! I want to let you know that I really hate you and I will never ever love you, that’s for sure.


I am who I am


Dedicated to my teenage crush...                 

p.s. Read between the lines... do not read the bolded words. ^_^

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