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How did it come to this?

Just where did she go wrong?

"I trusted you.. you bastard." She weakly spat, hanging on to the edge of the mountain, gripping the flesh tearing rocks with all her strength. But he just smiled as he crouched and began the slow process of removing her fingers one by painful one. "Please.." she wheezed, wincing from the abominable pain that burned her inside and out. "If it's all you want, just take it and go....I won't come after you.."

He removed the third finger on her left hand, "We both know you would." He countered, smiling wickedly when her hand slipped and swung at her side.. "look at you." He grinned, staring her dead in her eyes just as his eyes changed.
Those eyes, those bright crimson eyes that she helped him achieve, those beautiful orbs that represented the worst betrayal of her life. "So.. weak, so powerless." He chuckled, "the mighty Kay, reduced to tears and begging, how ironic."

"Boss." A rough baritone voice called behind him, prompting him to turn his gaze away from her. "Dusk is nearing, we need the gem."

He nodded to the crimson eyed beast before turning back to Kay with a dismissive frown. "Kay, Kay, Kay... Pathetic little wolf-girl, you probably want to know why.. why did he betray my trust~" he mocked, raising his voice a few octaves at the latter of his mocking sentence. "When i die... If... I die.. I'll be sure to let you know, but until then.."

She never heard the last of his explanation, he reached into her torn up blouse and yanked the Moon gem from around her neck, then with a final grin, he raised his foot and pumped his heel into her forehead, hearing a cracking sound as she gasped and released the rock.

All that separated her from the ground was a steep valley of limestone rocks and a shallow stream at the base of the mountain.
Her mind went blank as she embraced the impending impact of rock and sand. Tears sprung from her eyes, mixed with blood and sweat, and all she could do was hate. She hated the world, she hated her life, she hated what was happening, but most of all, she hated all the time she spent with him, as her death drew nearer, she embraced that hate, and her heart turned to darkness.

"I'll never forgive this world..." She whispered as the wind whisked pass her ears and the shadow of the mountain embraced her. "I'll kill all of you, even if I have to crawl back from hell.. I'll make you suffer."

A crater appeared in the ground on her impact, dust and debris and water was blown away from her.. Kay was dead.. But it was far from over, because Blood brings blood, and they should have never provoked the balance that she represented, They should have never angered her soul. There would be hell to pay.

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