Chapter 1

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"You are insane, Loki!" I screamed at him, standing to my feet and turning to face him. "Have you lost your goddamned mind? I mean, we've done a bunch of stupid and risky shit together but that is just—,"

"You're so dramatic." He rolled his eyes at me. I almost hurled the book in my hand at his head.

"Going to the same freaking party as the Avengers is like asking for them to see me! You know very well—,"

"I will not be yelled at by a mortal." He cut me off, his eyes darkening and his jaw locking. "Now, you are the one who agreed to work with me two years ago—,"

"You freaking didn't give me a choice, you idiot!" I threw my hands into the air and moved around the sofa so that I was in the kitchen where he was. "It was either you or Pierre and there is no way in hell that I go back to her alive."

"Then I suggest you find a dress before tomorrow night." Loki smirked.

"I hate you with a burning passion, you know that?" I spoke through my teeth at him as he moved past me.

"I wouldn't want it any other way, sweetheart."

I listened as the front door to my apartment closed, then I waited a few heartbeats before doing anything. I let out a growl of frustration and stomped my foot, letting my anger take over for just a split second. Everything in the room rattled and a few things fell from one of the shelves in the kitchen and shattered.

"Stupid Asgardian asshole." I muttered under my breath, eyeing the glass mess that had been created.

It was just a little over two years since I left the Avengers to join Loki and his crusade of some sort. I worked with him to take out allies of Pierre. I wasn't sure of his goal or what he had planned for the long run, but he was weakening Pierre and that was what I wanted.


"This was such a stupid idea." I grumbled under my breath as I walked alongside Loki through the extremely crowed ballroom. My arm was weaved in his and his hand was placed on top of my arm.

"You didn't come up with anything better." Loki reminded me, keeping his calm facade as he glanced around at the people closest to us.

He, of course, was posing in someone else's form for the night, a handsome man with bronze skin, a nicely squared jaw, and deep brown eyes. I think the man he was pretending to be was some sort of diplomat.

I had colored my hair specifically for this job. Inside of my silvery locks, I was sporting black hair that was cut at my chin.

"We could have just killed the man before he even got here—,"

"Quit complaining." He cut me off, giving someone who recognized his current physique a small smile and a nod. "You need to remain calm and collected. You are too worried about those Avengers."

I dropped the subject, knowing very well that fighting with him in front of so many faces would only mean trouble for us.

"I'll go find Lisowski. You go to the bar and start doing that thing you do that seems to work on all these pathetic mortal men that makes them drool all over you."

"You mean flirt?" I raised my brows at him.

"If that is what you call it."

I rolled my eyes and moved away from him, brushing my fingers through my hair. I couldn't wait to change the color.

I made my way to the massive bar, which held a few recognizable faces. Most of them were government officials from overseas.

I leaned against the bar and motioned for a bartender.

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