Part 2: Team Skull and Verdant Cavern [Edited]

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~the next day~

[Name]'s POV

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE IN ALOLA NOW?!" a loud voice booms through the speaker on my computer.

"Will you calm down, Barry?!" My eye twitches as I stare at the blond man on the screen.

"Ohhh, I'm so going to fine you two million Pokédollars for going there without me," he fumes, fire taking over his eyes.

"If I had a Pokédollar for every time you threatened to fine me, I'd be the richest human alive." I face-palm while his Staraptor sweat-drops from beside him.

"I'm going to get there as fast as possible, [Name]. Watch yourself, I'll kick your ass in battle next time," he says and before I can get my own comment in, the computer screen goes dark, signaling he ended the call.

"Mew..." my pink Pokémon deadpans, and I rub my temples.

"Yeah, he's certainly a hyper one," I shake my head while grabbing my phone off my desk.

I respond to some texts from Red, N, Lance, Steven, Wallace, Silver, Cynthia, Falkner, and a few others, while Mew floats around the room. Time ticks by and I finish sending a rather pissed off text to Barry about hanging up on me just before my phone starts ringing.

My eyes widen when the contact for my mother pops up, and I quickly answer, "Mom!"

"How are you, sweetheart?" she asks with a sweet laugh, and I smile softly.

"I've been good. I already have four Pokémon, and I haven't even started yet," I admit, and she gasps.

"[Name]! Don't say..."

"The starters all wanted to come with me, and I caught a Pichu," I explain with a chuckle while filling up my water bottle and placing it in a pocket on the side of my bag.

"That's amazing, sweetheart. Mew is still clinging to you, I would guess," she giggles, and I nod while Mew climbs into my bag.

"You bet," I respond, and the doorbell rings.

"Sounds like someone is at your house," Mom states, and I walk over to the door and open it, revealing Lillie.

"Hey, Mom, it's a friend. I'll talk to you later," I tell her, and Lillie stays quiet.

"Love you, [Name]," Mom giggles, and I smile.

"Love you, too, Mom. Bye!"

I end the phone call and slip my phone in my back pocket before facing Lillie. "Sorry! That was my Mom." I rub the nape of my neck sheepishly.

"She... seems really nice," the blonde says while avoiding my gaze.

'I wonder...' I eye her, realizing how down she seems. 'Definitely has to have a bad past with her Mom' I frown and rest my hand on her shoulder. "So what brings you here today?"

Lillie's eyes widen a fraction. "Oh! The Professor... the Professor said to take you to his lab."

"All right, then lead the way, Lillie," I smile, and she responds with her own.

We walk down the steps that lead up to my house, and I follow her as she takes a right on the path before making a left. We head down a small hill and drop down off a small ledge, landing on the ground below.

"The only way to get back from the Professor's lab is to go through the grass. I use repels, so I don't have to fight," she explains, and I nod while Nebby moves around in her bag. "And Nebby... well, Cosmog is its actual name. Cosmog is a very rare Pokémon who came from somewhere very far away.

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