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Z a c h
I found a bail of hay to sleep in and I got all my stuff hidden just in case I get robbed.
I had nothing else to do so I did what typical Zach would do and went into a flashback.
But this one pains me the most.
I was sitting on my bed reading 'of mice and men' when all of a sudden there was a knock on my door.
I already knew it was jack.
"What do you want?"
Without answering jack came in and sat beside me.
"If you're here to make fun of me, get out!"
"Im here because I needed to tell you something."
"Well then go ahead, there's no guarantees that I'll be listening though."
"Zach stop."
"Why should I?"
God I hated being this cold to jack.
"Because.." he grabbed my face. "..I love Daniel. And I have no idea why you just crashed our date!"
"Get out. NOW!"
"Whatever, psycho." He kissed my cheek
"What was that for?"
"If you ever need to talk im always here."
"-noodles my precious where are you?"
"Im in here!"
Daniel walked in with a bouquet of roses and kissed him.
How could they do that right in front of me!?
I instantly ran out and locked myself in the bathroom.
Thank you god for my trusty blade.
At least he never lets me down.

End of flashback

That was the day I realized jack doesnt love me.
I'm still madly in love with him anyways.
I grabbed out my notebook and did the second thing typical zach would do.
I started writing another letter.
To the one I love.

Dear jack,
Do you remember that day I crashed your date?
I do.
It was the day I realized you will never love me.
But yet for some fucked up reason I still loved you.
Actually I still do love you.
When you kissed my cheek I thought it meant something to you.
But nothing we did ever meant anything to you.
Did it?
Why do I keep putting myself through the pain of loving you when it's clear that you don't love me back?
Is it because maybe there's a small sliver of a chance that you do?
That's pathetic.
You have your perfect angel.
And it's going to stay that way forever.
I promise to try to be okay with janiel but I don't know how well that's going to work.
I'm not one to not get what I want.
Is that one of the reasons you love him?
Because he always gets what he wants?
I'm sorry about my rant.
Zach. D. H

J a c k

"Jonah, I'm tired."
"I know angel. You can rest on my shoulder."
"Thanks." She smiled up at him.
Why can't I have that with zach?
Jack stfu.
You blew your chance.

Find zach chat

Corbyn- guys I know where zach's location is!
Jonah- holy shit calm down jack.
Myah- jojo don't bug the kid.
Christina- stfu rn Myah.
Jonah- what the hell Christina?!
Corbyn- check yourself before you wreck yourself, Jonah.
Jack- can all of you fuck off!? Zach is the priority right now. Also I'm trying to drive and being the only responsible person and driving at the same time sucks.
Myah- listen up crusty penis bitch. I am way higher than you in the food chain.
Christina- listen up you little hoe. You can't fuckin touch me.
Myah- why cause your little corbyn will save you?
Christina- corbyn's a fucking pussy I'll fight you with my own fists.
Corbyn- rood.

i turned my phone off and sighed.
Fucking idiots.
Zach, I need you.
In my life.

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