Chapter 1

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I was thirteen, and carefree. I laughed, the cool breeze tickling my face and blowing my red curls into my emerald green eyes.

“Hey, Ada, come look at this!” I shouted to my blond best friend. She rushed over.

“So cool, Mia!” she gushed as her blue eyes focused on the blue lizard perched on the log in front of me. We were at her house after school, like every friday.

“What are you two doing?” Ada’s brother called out. George’s blue eyes looked like Ada’s, though he had his father's dark brown hair. He was home from boarding school for the Christmas break. Even though he was only a year older, he towered a good two inches taller than me and Ada. I pointed to the lizard, while Ada stuck her tongue out at George. He ignored his sister, and peered at the log.

“There seems to be nothing there, Mia. You might want to see an eye doctor,” he reported.

“What! He’s gone?!” I cried. He was right. I saw the blue flick of the lizard's tail and then he disappeared behind a bush.

“You scared him away!” I said angrily at George.

“I was about to touch him,” Ada pouted.

“Ya, ya,” George said, with a dismissive wave of his hand. “Mom wanted you,” he said, pointing at Ada. He waved bye, then started up the hill. Ada glanced back at me with a worried glance, then trailed behind him.

Ada’s mom never called her up while I was here. I wondered what was happening. As a bluejay flew over my head, I sat down on the log where the lizard had been only moments ago, though it felt like hours. A few minutes later,I saw Ada was coming down to meet me. I popped up from my resting place and was about to embrace her when I saw that her eyes were puffy from crying.

“Ada?” I said, my voice worried. “I...we’re…,” she burst into tears. I hugged her. “ It’s okay…” I guided her down to the log. “Calm down and tell me what happened,” I said. She took a deep breath and said, “We’re moving to Nevada.”

I stiffened. I couldn’t move. “Mia, Mia, please say something.” Ada voice sounded desperate. I looked to her and simply said, “Why?” Ada had been my best friend since she gave a lollipop to me in preschool. How could she be moving to a place so far away from Georgia? And why? This wasn’t something for Ada’s family to normally do.  It wasn’t like them at all. So why are they doing it?

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