The Choice

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Nate was stuck, whether he stayed or left, he lost and he couldn't figure out who was worth losing, Chelsea, his long time Hollywood lover or, Sofia, his not-quite mistress.

How had it come to this? His life, the life of a powerful attorney in one of the most elite corporate law firms in America came down to a decision between two women. Guys like him had all the answers; he was the man with the plan. People came to him because he knew what to do and how to make things happen. But in his own life he was torn and had resisted making a decision for far too long. Someone would be left devastated and utterly heartbroken; but he had to make a choice.

Sofia might wait forever but he couldn't ask her to hold on any longer. She had already given up so much for him, to help him, to dance with him, to love him... and wait for him to decide if she was the one he wanted. Her love was all consuming. She demanded everything and he resisted letting go of what he had. Yet he resisted letting go of her just as fiercely. She was enchanting, alluring and quite intoxicating. She offered a forever he could believe in; not a Hollywood facade like he had with Chelsea. Sofia brought out the best in him, and made him want to be a better man. He knew that only her father's command would call her away, but no one knew when that would be.

Her father, Fedrico Reyes, he was a reclusive Mogul with his hands in everything and everyone's business. Sometimes his secret exploits brought down powerhouse companies, or absorbed them in days. Some speculated about what he was up to next or when Sofia would take over. The rumors weren't tabloid nonsense like he and Chelsea were used to, they were quiet but pervasive Wall Street whispers. Sofia always laughed when he asked about the speculations of when she would take over, and always answered in the same thick Argentinian accent, "I told you, love, I do not know when my father will make the call, but when he does, it'll be said and done before anyone can whisper a word about it." The thought of her moving on without so much as a good-by haunted him, but he knew she would obey immediately. Nate had seen her father defied, he was no one to cross. Fedrico wasn't like Sofia, people were either with him or against him. If he told someone to do something they obeyed or they were dead....literally.

Nate he shook a frightening, buried, blurry memory out of his head.

Putting off his choice any longer wasn't an option. He texted her, I'll decide this weekend, I promise. When there was no immediate reply, he shuffled and organized the papers, case files, and court reports on his massive mahogany desk into stacks of priority. His phone chimed an incoming text. He touched the screen, no need to unlock it to see Sofia's answer, My heart is yours, my love.

Dance with me tonight?, he asked.

1 dance. You pick. See you at 7 ;)

Perfect! Well, not perfect, but given the decision he faced it was the best he could get. He would dance with Sofia, then go home, ravage Chelsea, or she would have her way with him, and leave for the mountains to think, to remember, and to decide which woman he would choose; the one he'd been with most of his life and knew intimately, or the one that had become his best friend, dance partner and respected equal but never lover.

The thought never occurred to him until that very moment as he shoved his Droid into his pocket that there was another alternative to his decision, neither Chelsea nor Sofia. There were other women.

"Just leave Chelsea, Nate, simple as that," he thought to himself. But he knew if he left Chelsea he was choosing Sofia. There was no one else like her. It was her and everyone else. Somehow he knew if the problem that forced him to make an immediate decision had never happened it would still come down to Chelsea or Sofia. He had tried other women on breaks from Chelsea. She had even condoned an affair of his once to spark publicity during a slump in her career. There were also two secret affairs he never admitted to anyone, except Sofia, she knew about every single indiscretion.

She knew everything and she still wanted him. The choice should have been simple, but everyone and everything he faced losing weighed on him heavily. He could think she was all he wanted, he could even look her in the face and tell her as much but the truth was, he wanted everything he already had and her. There was no way Sofia would give in or Chelsea would tolerate her as the other woman even if she did. Being with Sofia would cost him everything, he would lose respect and prestige and have to give up his dreams of a career in politics as well as his own son. He would have to leave the city he dominated in, start fresh in a new place, with rumors swirling around about what had happened. It would mean a whole new life, new city, new office, new woman, new everything. She demanded no less.

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