I'm a fairy princess.......part 10

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I woke up the next morning, only to be blind folded and my legs and arms bound. Then I was rudely, dropped into one of the trailers, that was being led, by the horses. Why was I being treated like this? Because according to Alan, I was in werewolf territory and they would do what they wanted with me.

Soon after being put in the trailer, I managed to fall asleep. But it wasn't long until I woke up to the sounds of yelling and screaming. It sounded something like this...




And finally Alan looming over me,"You will have to defend yourself, my men are not risking themselves to protect a spoiled brat", he whispered in a harsh tone.

"Ya...ya", I muttered shaking the chains in his face. Carefully he leaned down, and then roughly yanked the chains off of me. I sat up seconds later only to realize that the roof of the trailer was down and the voices I had woken up to, was an angry crowd, of werewolves.

Lets just say werewolves are never friendly to outsiders. I'm surprised that they haven't tried to kill me yet. Never enter werewolf land, unless you have a death wish. And in my case, it seems as if I'm escaping death's hands only to be recaptured by death it self. Immediately I put up my element shield, as the werewolves began to throw knives, rotten veggies, and fruits. But only another element could pierce, my shield. But thats exactly when it happened.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my side. Using my connection to earth, I searched through the roots of a nearby tree and into the ground letting my energy flow through the earth, I was able to pin point the exact location of the person who had peirced my shield. I let my energy search over them, but when it did I soon noticed that that person's own flow of energy, wasn't like the others in the crowd, that one person in the crowd wasn't a werewolf.

My eyes flashed,turning a dark purple and black color. Letting my powers take over I could see the man in the crowd, he was vampire. I struggled to control myself, because just by looking the mans energy I could tell that he was working for someone, and that someone was my father, if not my mother.

"YOU!", I yelled making eye contact with the vampire. His eyes widened, and he turned to run. Using my air power, I brought him out of the crowd and into the air, spinning in front of me.

The crowd gasped, but I kindly ignored it, focusing on the vampire that was floating in the air in front of me.

"Why are you here?", I asked sternly.

"Well why do you think I'm here? Princess?", he sneered. Once again I fought to keep control over myself.

"I think your here to kill me",I answered emotionless.

"Well princess it seems you have a brain...but not for long...not after I'm done with you", he laughed. Finally I snapped, the tattoos on my arm began to glow, and my eyes flashed again, causing them to go to a dark, dark purple making them look black.

"It looks like your done with me , and look I still have my brain", those were my words to him before I let him go, allowing the wind to carry him out of the territory.

I let out a sharp breath, allowing my eyes to return to my normal color and my royal tattoos to stop glowing. Everything was silent. And it was starting to scare me. Finally the crowd began to react to what had happened. Suddenly the crowd erupted into cheers.




I looked around trying to see how Alan was reacting to this. And the funniest part was that he was staring at the crowd in awe. Smiling I stood and curtsied to the crowd. Which only caused them to cheer louder. I calmly sat back down as the trailer began to move towards the palace.

Soon we were outside the palace doors.

"Princes Alan Scott has returned with company," a servant announced. Followed by the sound of a loud squeal, I winced and the gaurds groaned. Sadly the squeal was followed by the entrance of the brown haired mutt that had threatened me on my first day of school. What was her name again? Oh ya now I remember, Hailey.

"Oh Scottie!!!! What took so long for you to return?", she asked in that high pitched voice.

"I had some business to take care of", he replied glancing at me. I rolled my eyes, well if he wants to play it that way, then we will. Faking a smile, I turned to the guards asking them to show me to my room.

The guard I asked, nodded and helped me out of the trailer. I smiled evily and murmered a spell that would immediatly make me look like how I should look. When the spell was complete, I was wearing a pretty dress that was knee length, white with a corset. 

"So Scottie what was that business?", she asked trying to sound sweet but listening to that was sickening.

"Oh that was me!", I squealed,"Scottie came to pick me up because I was in trouble, isn't he just a doll!", I smiled sweetly.

"YOU!", she shrieked.

"Do I know you because I'm feeling some serious deja vu", I fake giggled.

"She was your 'business'", Hailey demanded.

"Err..I ya?", Alan replied. Bad answer...

"WHAT YOUR CHEATING ON ME! WHY ARE WITH HER! WHY NOT ME?!", Hailey screamed in hysterics.

"Oh my!", I fake gasped,"I should probably be going now, Ta ta!", I smiled a cheesy smile and walked away following the guard.

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