The last time I wrote I was pregnant, and here I am 3 years after starting this story with an 16 month old son. 

The reason for my longer than expected pause is that my life has been a total shit storm and I had to clean it up. 

Shortly after my having my son, my (now ex) husband secretly developed a drug addiction, stole a ton of money from our business and banged a bunch of hookers...

Things are all good now... he's clean and we share custody of our son, but it took a bit to get here. 

So apologies for the delay in writing but it was unavoidable.  

I'm continuing on with the rewrite of this story, please like and follow the revised version!!! This version will not have further updates. 

Also, lets be insta friends. I've set up an instagram account for my writing, you can find me at @gin.and.toxic 



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