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And now we go to war

Once again Evie and Alec found themselves walking across the dimly lit streets heading to an address neither of them knew. It was mainly quiet with only small strings of words being shared between the two. 

Eventually, they had arrived at the address. It was a run-down looking building which seemed to serve no real purpose to the place it was located in. It was something that if the current circumstances weren't what they are she was sure she'd never be caught in. Normally the saying was she'd never be caught dead in. However, with the lifestyle, she was now leading it was something she could no longer say. 

She entered and saw that indeed Izzy was inside of the building. Her perfect appearance seemed slightly dishevelled which could be probably explained by the way she sourced her information for the night. This was once again a harsh reminder that the girl was in fact quite possibly straight. Though a girl could dream.  

"If we go back there, we come up into the basement of the Hotel DuMort. Perfect, right? We distract the vamps" Despite only being new to the lifestyle Evie was aware that distracting was not the kind of stuff she was use to. She wasn't going to attain their attention in the normal way by talking or doing something slightly more rash. No, she was going to take their attention then prevent it from ever going to someone else ever. 

The three moved towards the entrance. Only their location was discovered much faster than anyone thought it would be. It was both a blessing or a curse. Yes, she could kill some vampires but it also meant she would have to do it earlier than she had anticipated it. 

"Just a quick question, does this count as killing the vampires considering they're already dead?" Evie questioned as they approached one of the doors to the hotel. 

"I suppose not" Came Izzy's response but as Evie found herself doing more often she was staring more towards the girl then actually listening to what she had to say. 

After a small battle with a door, the three gave up and began to distract the vampires. Evie sprung into action if you could call it that. She swung and hit her way through the masses not stopping to check if they were still alive or if she actually did something to them. It was more like watching someone play at a birthday party with a pinata. 

Long story short they had saved Simon and escaped. In all honesty, Evie had just wanted to go home. She wanted to go to bed her own bed, not the one in the institute and wake up only to find that the last four weeks had been some sort of mad dream. She hoped to wake up and be going out with Gret again only this time she would suggest that they spent the day at home.

Essentially all Evie wanted to do was go home and cry with her mum. She wanted to sit on the sofa and watch Disney movies. But she knew deep down that it wasn't possible. Everything going on was real and not some sort of sick hallucination she was currently undergoing.

All in all she really just missed her Mum 

Author's note here. I just wanted to apologise for such an unusual updating schedule. I have no real excuse other than sometimes I can be bothered and other times I cannot. But please continue to read and if you have anything to say please let me know. I have to admit I enjoy writing Evie she is something that I have never done before so I am proud of how this is turning out. 

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