Chapter 10

Leera’s POV

Soon enough most of my bones were broken and I was in tears.

I hated been seen as weak, but when all of your bones in your body were being broken and snapped into a different shape. You’d be in a lot of pain too. I almost felt like killing myself, each snap would cause even more pain, and it seemed like Blake was almost in tears at seeing me like this; and it was god damn surprising.

He was now holding me in his arms, as he rocked back and forth, my sobs were getting louder and louder, but I refused to scream. The bones in my ribs started to snap, and after that was my spine. Supposedly that was the worst one of all, and I didn’t know how much I could take.

“Shhh… It’s okay Lee, you’re gonna get through this” he soothed, brushing my damp hair across my forehead. I buried my head into his chest, I was in too much pain too care what I was doing; all I wanted was for this to stop, even if it meant I could never shift. I had seen people shift for the first time, I knew the process, but I didn’t think that it was this painful.

“This… Really hurts, god dammit!” I cried, groaning as another rib broke and shifted its position. I could feel Blake’s hands shaking, as every time he touched me , it felt like his hands were blocks of ice, and my body hadn’t come down from the burning temperature at the start.

“I know, I know…But it’s going to be okay, do you hear me? We’re going to figure out why you’re shifting early” he promised, holding me tighter. Then the thing we were waiting for happened.

My spine snapped

He reluctantly let go of me, as the pain over took my body, and my limbs were convulsing. I suddenly felt my whole body change shape, as the bones moved even further, and my legs and arms shifted into awkward positions. Everything around me turned brighter, and my senses turned on full blast. If I thought my senses before were amazing, it was nothing compared to right now.

Then I felt my pores fill with weird stuff, and fur sprouted all over my body, and a tail grew from my behind. I grew larger and larger, and my face lengthened into a dog-like shape. Then the pain stopped, there were shreds of clothes around me and Blake was staring at me in wonder.

Shaking my ‘head’, I felt a presence enter the back of my mind like a sub-conscious and oddly enough, it felt like it belonged there.

‘I’m your wolf silly, haven’t you been paying attention to your classes in the pack meetings?’ a deep, but feminie voice boomed from inside my head, growling, I shook my head, instantly wanting to get rid of it.

‘Hah! You can’t get rid of me. It’s you and me for life; you die, I die’ the ‘voice’ said again.

Shit, I don’t want a stupid bitchy conscious in my head for life, there has to be a way-

‘Shut up will you! I’m your wolf whether you like it or not. Now start paying more attention to our mate over there, the expressions on your face is creeping him out’ whipping my head around, I saw Blake giving me weird looks, and I smiled at him sheepishly, before trotting over to him.

“Fun, isn’t it?” he smirked, clearly enjoying my confusion for his own benefit. I ‘scowled’ at him, and pawed my head. There has to be a way to get rid of that voice, there’s no way I want a sub-conscious; especially if we will fight all the time.

“Shift back” Blake demanded, bringing me out of my thoughts. Growling at him, I went up to him and tugged at his shirt. There’s no way I’m shifting back in front of him, if there’s one thing I learnt it was when wolf-shifters shift their clothes get ripped in the process, so when I shift back I’ll be naked. He furrowed his eyebrows, but then realisation suddenly appeared in his eyes. He pouted at me, before stripping of his t-shirt.

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