Day 3

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They awoke to loud and angry growling.

As Loki's eyes adjusted to the dark he spotted a regular sized red wolf at the entrance of the shelter they slept in.

"What are you doing here Diago?" The female asked.

"Aria. What a pleasure..." Diago greeted.

"Don't act like you don't know this is my territory!" She growled

"You are don't have the right to territory..." Diago barked,  eyes squinting slightly.

Loki got up and walked towards Diago.

"Who is this?" The God Of Mischief asked

"This is Aria..." He began. "A friend..."

"Back in the day we were more than Friends!" Aria exclaimed, teeth bared, looking at Loki " We were lovers...Parents..." Loki's eyes widened, shock was quickly replaced by anger.

"Is this why you were gone so long? Why you left Mother and the cubs for months? This explains why we are near the elders already!" Loki shouted

"I will explain later." The male Alpha said.

"No! Explain now!" Diago seemed to ignore him as he watched Aria smirk

"We just reached our teen, Sarafina and Diago were all best day...i was in heat...and my delicious smell was too much to handle. You can imagine what happened was only a matter of time before i birthed his Kin...beautiful replicas of me and him..." The red bitch smirked

"Enough!" Diago ordered

"I was chased out of the territory by the previous Alpha of the pack...i was a runt....a omega if you will. So i was chased into the cold winter mountains where i was to stay...It was only a few weeks of me departing when i gave birth..." Her amber eyes suddenly turn dark and scary and she bares her sharp yellow teeth "Thats when i heard of the glorious occation that was Sarafina's and Diago's mating ceremony...i was furious! He knew i was with children! I had his pups! But he chose the Alpha's Daughter to bond with!"

"You weren't my mate! I didn't bond with you and it was a simple mistake! I was young and you threw your body ,that was in heat, straight at me!" The larger wolf barked.

"But i loved you! You made it even worse when you came to visit me once a month! You would ignore me trying to catch your attention and focus on only the pups! When i suggested you moved in! What did you say!? You said you never loved me and it was all for Sara! She was forcing you to check up on me and my children, You never wanted to see me again!" Her voice broke at the end "i was you know how that feels? To love someone who is only acting like he cares because someone tells him to? It drove me mad. I couldn't cause you any harm because i was banished! But i broke when i heard you two were moving to your own territory...making your own pack...and then having pups.." Her voice was almost lost with the wild howling of the wind "You showed love to Sara's pups more then you did ours...thats when i broke..." Her voice steadily grew as she continued

"Enough! Stop it!" He shouted.

"I was running out of food!" Her smile turned almost insane "i was begging you for food but you refused me! The only food for miles...were my own pups..."

"No!" Loki muttered, Aria's eyes suddenly turned to him

"Yes!...i was hungry so i killed our pups and ate them. That was the reason he was gone for months...he begged me for months to stop...but i never did. I ate them one-by-one."

"You monster!" Loki shouted

"Yes...i am," She growled towards Diago as she backed away " You'll regret this." And with that she dissapeared into the storm.

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