•Week 2•

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Jimin has had the flu this week, so dragging myself to PE was even harder. Coach Jeon has been more touchy and cute lately. I don't think my heart could handle anymore.

I made a new friend yesterday at PE. He was new just like I was. His name is Jung Hoseok and he is literally the sunshine. His skin glowed, his teeth were a radiant white, even his hair was golden with the suns rays bouncing off them.

He almost screamed every word he spoke and he never sits still. He makes me anxious because of my anxiety, but I still find myself smiling at him.

I slowly walked to my locker, which his is ironically next to mine. That's how we met though. His squishing my cheeks to death because he saw my ponytail and shirt that was two sizes too big. I was blushing really red because I hadn't even put on my shorts yet, so I was still wearing my boxers. Once he realized it as well, he squealed even louder and bounced around like a two year old.

Coach Jeon had walked over there by now and cleared his throat. I blushed even more from not having any pants on. His jaw clenched and his eyes turned a dark color filled with an emotion I couldn't identify. He told me class will start in five minutes and he didn't want me in here alone because he didn't want me hurt.

Now, filled with embarrassment and anxiety, I trudged to my locker. Hoseok was already there, and slipping his shirt on. I caught a glimpse of his abs and turned bright red.

"Like what you see?" He smirked.

I shook my head furiously, "I'm not gay,"

That was the lie I always told people who didn't already know.

"That sucks because I am!"


He smirked and nodded, "Yup!"

I smiled and opened my locker. I fished out my ponytail first then I changed into my socks.

"Im going to go play basketball with my mates from science. See you cutie!" He said, ruffling my hair.

I nodded, hoping he wouldn't do what Jimin did. I shyly took off my uniform shirt, and hurriedly put on my PE shirt. I slipped off my black pants and shoved them in my locker, quickly grabbing my PE ones.

"Hey," his deep voice sounded, causing me to jump. I tripped over my ankle, and landed square on my butt on the very cold and hard floor.

I looked up at the voice just to look immediately back down. He was just too hot for me to look at.

"I'm sorry I fell,"

I reached for the hem of my shirt to pull it down, since he could see my baby pink boxers.

"Pink? Cute,"

He reached his hand out and I slowly put mine out to meet his. My delicate one fit perfectly in mhis rough one and he seemed to notice it too. He stared at our hands and I stared at his face.

He averted his eyes and cleared his throat, "Sorry," he said before lifting me off the ground. He stared brushing off my shirt and butt and he brushed against my crotch. I moaned at the touch but immediately covered my mouth.

His eyes turned that dark color they did yesterday. He removed my hand from my mouth, his other still on my crotch.

"I want to hear you," he growled.

I gulped and nodded. He rubbed my area once again, causing a soft moan to emir my lips. I could feel my heart burning and my crotch twitching. I didn't want him to stop, but we had PE.

"C'mon," he said and pulled me to his office.

He shut and locked the door before turning back to me. He pointed to the chair, "Sit,"

I did as I was told and I sat in the designated chair. He came over to me and got on his knees. His head was about to my chest now, he was really tall compared to me. He placed his hand on top of my crotch and I felt it twitch in anticipation.

"You're so cute," he mumbled.

I fought a smile but I just let a shaky breath come from my lips. He stared to rub circles on my semi-hard member. His hand was already doing wonders and he barely even started. His fingers traveled to the hem of my boxers and he looked up at me for permission. He's already got me hard, why not. I nodded at him and he grinned a small bunny smile at me, which made my heart melt.

I smiled back to him my boxy smile and I swear I saw the tip of his ears redden. He gripped my boxers and slowly dragged them down my creamy thighs. He thumbed at my tip causing me to throw my head back. One of his hands had a firm grip on my thigh while his thumb was rubbing circles on the inner part, and his other hand was slowly pumping my length.

My right hand found it's way to his hair and i ran it through his dark brown locks. I never thought I'd get this much action in my entire life. He started pumping faster and I couldn't sit still in my seat. Moans were spilling from my mouth and I heard him groan a few times.

He would randomly thumb at my tip, causing my whole body to shake and me to see stars. I finally felt my stomach knotting up.

"J-jeon.. I'm c-close,"

He pumped hard and fast and he muttered, "Call me Jungkook," he said right before I came with strings of semen all over his face and my thighs.

He stood up and grabbed some tissues off his desk and cleaned me up, before pulling my boxers up and kissing my forehead. I blushed crimson red and the realization of what just happened played through my mind. He flashed me a bunny smile and helped me stand. My legs felt like jelly. He scooped me up bridal style and took my too my locker. He helped me put my PE shorts on.

He told me to go sit at the usual place and that he would be there soon. I started to walk but then the bell rang and I was met with a huge crowd of people running into the locker room..

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