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10 years later

Monique sighed, dragging her suitcase behind her. When she left Paris at age 5, her mother had taken her to an organisation, called the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logics Division. Once she started training, she recommended that they called it S.H.I.E.L.D for short, and to her surprise, the acronym was used. Now she was back in Paris, still feeling the jet lag. She would be living with her mother, starting school at Collège Françoise Dupont, all the while during her mission.

S.H.I.E.L.D had informed her of the 'akuma attacks' in Paris, the 'superheroes'; Ladybug and Chat Noir, and how the attacks took place. When a person had negative feelings, a villain, Hawkmoth, took advantage of the feelings to defeat Ladybug and Chat Noir. Monique's mission was to assist the duo and try to take down Hawkmoth. She was trained for this, she could be done with this in less than a week. Then why was she so nervous?

The brunette fiddled with her necklace, feeling the cool metal hit her fingers. She exited the airport, feeling the cold air nip at her skin. Monique felt her phone vibrate in her jean pocket, bringing out the device, only to see the contact name, 'The Best Cha'. Monique pressed the green button, holding the phone up to her ear.

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(this edit literally took all day)

"MONIKI! DID YOU SEE ANY HOT PARISIAN GUYS YET?!" The voice of Jackson Cha would have burst her eardrums if the girl had not brought the device away from her ear.

"No, Jae. I just landed!" She chuckled, sweeping her hair away, her efforts being in vain as the wind pushed it back. She huffed, her breath coming out as fog due to the cold.

"Oh. Well, then, bye!"


"Kidding! So, when are you gonna visit me?"

"Are you serious? I said, 'I just landed!'"

"I don't care! Fly back to Australia and come to my house!" Jackson whined.

"No! I already have jet lag, I can't sit in an uncomfortable seat for another, what, eleven hours?"

"Aww... Fine. But come back as soon as you can so we can admire and talk about hot guys together again. I hate doing it on my own, people keep throwing me dirty looks; you know how they feel about gays over here."

"I know, Jae, and I will, I promise! Just after this mission, okay?" Monique could trust Jackson with her secret, that was one thing she could be sure of.

"Yeah, I understand. It's just... I don't really have people to talk to here, well, people who accept me for my true, gay, self." Jackson laughed. It was a hollow sounding laugh that screamed sadness and pain.

"Don't listen to them, how many times have I said this, Jae? If they don't accept you for who you are, that's their fault, not yours." A sleek black limo pulled up, the window of the vehicle pulling up to reveal her mother.

"You've told me this so many times, yet you never take the advice yourself. If you don't take your own advice, how am I supposed to do it? Look, I'm just struggling to find people I can really talk to. You know, people in real life. Maybe one day I can meet a guy who loves me..."

"Well, aren't you an angsty teen?" She changed the subject, laughing lightly.

"Oh, screw you. You're just some cliche spy thingamabob. At least I lead a somewhat normal life."

"Whatever, anyways, I have to go now, love ya!" "Monique ended the call before he could respond, running up to the limo and handing her luggage to the chauffeur, Francis. She quickly got into the vehicle, buckling her seatbelt in. Her mother turned towards her, a sneer gracing her features.

"Who were you on the phone with?"

"Just my friend."

"Ugh, that homosexual one? Jackson Cha, was it?" Adelaide spat, disgust clear in her eyes.

"There's nothing wrong with being attracted to one's own sex, mother." Monique spat back, glaring daggers at her mother.

"I don't want you talking to that boy again, do you understand?" Monique continued glaring, no response coming out of her mouth. Her mother just glared back as Francis drove.

"Do you understand?" Adelaide repeated each word slowly.

"Yes." Out of her mother's sight, Monique crossed her fingers, not keeping true to her word. Silence welcomed them for the rest of the ride, the vehicle coming to a stop in front of a mansion. The gates opened, revealing Pierre, the King family's butler. He opened the front and back doors, helping both females out of the limo.

"Welcome back, Ms. King."

"Thank you, Pierre. I've missed you." Monique shot a smile to the older man, receiving one back.

"And I, you." Pierre took her luggage from the trunk, carrying it inside, then proceeded to show Monique to her room. As they entered the spacious room, the girl let out a breathy laugh, looking around in awe. She gasped, her eyes locking onto an object sitting on the bedside table.

"Is this...?" The brunette trailed off, clutching the framed photo. It showed a young Monique and her father, both with brown hair and stunning blue eyes. Bright, big smiles adorned their faces. Pierre nodded as Monique felt tears prick her eyes.

"Thank you!" She hugged the butler, almost sobbing. When she was younger, Monique spent all her time with her father, so when he disappeared, she was devastated. Apart from the picture, the only thing she had left was his leather jacket. A ring of her phone interrupted them, the butler and the girl pulling away so Monique could pick up. The voice of her boss filled her ears, Monique smiling faintly. He informed her that she should start the mission soon, to which she responded with a 'yes, sir'.


Hello everyone! I'm back, and ready to start writing again! Sorry, this took a while, as usual, school is... chaotic. The credit for Jackson Cha goes to Absent_Motivation, who has mentioned Monique in her own story. If there are any questions so far, feel free to ask! However, if they're about what's going to happen next, no spoilers! I have a question that will most likely affect the story: 

Would you guys like Marinette to be a jealous *bench*, 

or that supportive friend who is no longer interested in the love interest?

Or, of course, I'm open to any suggestions.

~ Peanutbutter_Apple

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