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Months had passed and as the time goes by for this day it went slow for Somin. "Why is this day so slow?" she mumbled to herself "You just, haven't seen him yet that's why." As Somin heard someone she jolted a little. Wonhi smiled at her teasingly, Somin rolled her eyes.

"Sungwoon!" Wonhi shouted when she saw her boyfriend, Sungwoon went closer and he waves his hand to both of the girls. "Are you coming later?" Sungwoon asked Wonhi, she pretends to think for a while as a joke for her boyfriend, Sungwoon pout for a while he waits for her answer.

She giggles and nods her head "Of course I'll come." "They boys will be there too." He informed her, she nods her head "Danik and the others?" Somin eyes stopped wondering when Wonhi said that, she saw Sungwoon nods his head.


What would they be doing there?

WaitWhy I am even thinking about this?.

Somin shook his head slowly, Wonhi noticed her sudden actions, and that made her smirk "Wanna come with us Somin?" Somin looked at her "Huh?" she wasn't in the right state to think. "Sungwoon it's okay that Somin will come right?" After Wonhi said, Sungwoon looked at Somin then he nods his head while he smiles "Of course she can come."

"Huh?" Somin doesn't get what are they talking about, she was left confused. Wonhi chuckled at her reaction. "Let's just meet up later okay?" Wonhi said while she smiles as she puts her arms around her.


Somin is at the field sitting at the benches that leans on the tree, she planned that she could at least rest up. She was just reading a book but she suddenly felt tired so she slowly closes her eyes.

Meanwhile, Danik was walking and he saw someone who's sleeping under the tree, he was not sure who it was but nonetheless, he still went closer. "Why she's sleeping here?" he murmured to himself as he shook his head slowly.

He slowly looked somewhere as he noticed someone is coming closer, it's Yoona and she's with Dongho, as they went closer Daniel put's his index finger in his face sensing that they should be quiet.

"Oh... It's Somin." Yoona said in a low voice, you can tell she was a little surprised to see her friend sleeping peacefully while a holding a book in her lap, Dongho was not expecting it as well. "We better wake her up..." As Daniel said that the both of them nod. Yoona sat down next to Somin

"Somin wake up..." She said and shakes her a little. Danik sat down on the other side next to her he pokes her shoulder, so in short, Somin was sitting in the middle of the both of them.

Little by little Somin open her eyes and woke up as she felt someone's disturbing her, she was surprised to see Yoona next to her as well Daniel and Dongho.

"What are you guys doing here?.." she asked, obviously she's confused.  Yoona smiled "Dongho and I was just passing, and we saw Daniel so we went closer, we were surprised to see you sleeping." Yoona explains as she smiles while she shook her head.

"Yeah... We were not expecting you would be sleeping here." Dongho said as he chuckles. Somin pursed her lips as she nods to them, she tries to understand their explanation while looking to the both of them, then she looked at Danik smiling.

Why do they have to look like that? Smiling like a crazy person?

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