I am just a dead flower

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I am only a dead flower.
Why should you care if there is a shower?
Tried to bloom to the fullest,
And now gone to the dust,
But I didn't think this was a must.

I remember the day,
When I first opened my eyes,
Saw the world,
And it was quite a surprise,
For till then,
Till the moment I bloomed,
I thought the world was dark,
And there was nothing to be done,
A surprise it was,
When I saw the light,
A pleasant surprise indeed.

The bees stung,
But they did it for love.
They did it,
So that I may stay strong.

I loved it there,
So I gave back the air.
I wanted to change the world,
To make its bit better than I left.

But it was not long,
They didn't let me stay long.
They cut me out,
And took me far.

I was greeted with a smile,
Then was greeted by the dirt.

Why did you took me out?
Why didn't you let me bloom?
I could have changed the world,
I could have made it soon.

Now as I lie here,
Dead as the snow,
And dry as the sand.

I shall stay here,
And draw my last air that I have in hand.

I could have done so much,
I would have done a lot.
But for a vague purpose,
As much as giving your love,
You killed my life,
And ended it all.

The Dead Revolutionary

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