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- Brooklyn Parks


"You know that I care about you." He says, taking my hand. Walking through the door, I was pulled along beside him. Standing up tall and straight, intimidating. "Mmm, Princess?"

"Of course you do, which is why you constantly tortured and sexually harassed me all the time." I snapped pulling away. Sitting down, he grabbed me. Gripping onto my upper arm, he pulled me down to face him. Sitting on his lap, he placed both hands on my butt giving it a little smack.

"What are you gonna do then? Kill me?" He tilts his head.

"Gun or knife?" I blurt out. A slight laugh escaped from his mouth. I frowned. He knows I wouldn't do it. "Please. Let me go. Leave me alone."

"I left you alone and now I'm back. I'm not going anywhere and neither are you." Denim tells.


Stood there hand in hand with him. Blank face. My heart raced. His breathing calm. This is some sort of trap. I bit my lip catching a glimpse of Chris in the background. He smiles at me. The nods his head. I took a deep breath out looking back at Denim.

"I love you, Princess. I wish you could see the way that I look at you. Beautiful and smart." He tells me. A tear trickled down my face. "I can't think of a time where-"

Cutting him off, I plant my lips on his catching him by surprise. Moving his hands to my waist, I wrapped my arms around his neck gently. "Denim, I-"

Remembering His Name

By: Brooklyn Parks

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