34| the laptop

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"IF you ask me, you really shouldn't have been jumping on it in the first place." Jungkook shrugged, looking down at Jimin. The elder was sprawled out on the floor, holding onto his head and groaning in pain.

"Sh-Shut the f-fuck up." Jimin muttered, wincing when he touched the bump on his head with a bit too much force.

Jungkook snickered from his desk chair, one arm balancing him as he leaned against the desk, "You fell off your bed, you deserved to get made fun of."

"N-Not on pu-purpose."

"No, but you were jumping. You're old enough to know better."

"Sorry, mom."

Jungkook laughed harder. He stood up and offered a hand to Jimin, shoulders shaking as he did so. "Are you okay?"

"No." Jimin muttered, accepting Jungkook's hand. He yelped as he was abruptly pulled to his feet. He stumbled a bit and put one arm out to catch himself. Jungkook grunted as Jimin's hand hit his chest, the elder using him to steady himself. He wrapped an arm around Jimin's waist in order to stabilize them.

Jimin looked up, ready to apologize. He stopped short when he noticed how close they were. The hand on his waist felt like it was burning him.

"S-Sorry." He stuttered out softly, trying to keep his eyes trained on Jungkook's.

Jungkook chuckled softly, a smile painted on his face. He noticed a soft blush on Jimin's cheeks, "It's fine. You good? Don't have a concussion, do you?"

Jimin shook his head, "I-I don't th-think so, but maybe we sh-should ask T-Tae."

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, "Or you could ask a real doctor."

"Tae's a re-real doctor. K-Kinda." Jimin smiled softly, "Besides, he d-doesn't ch-charge me."

"Ooh. You're so smart, I like that." Jungkook grinned.

Jimin's blush deepened. He suddenly became too aware of the short distance from Jungkook's lips to his. He let out a strangled gasp and pulled back suddenly.

Jungkook frowned, "What's wrong?"

"I- You k-know maybe I sh-should see Taehyung! I'm g-going to do that. I'll be ba-back! Bye!" Jimin said, offering a quick smile before running out of the dorm room.

Jungkook stood in his place, frozen and confused, for a good minute. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair before sitting back down in his chair, mind racing and a blush creeping up on his cheeks.


"Taehyung! I-It's me." Jimin called after he unlocked the door to Taehyung's dorm. He frowned when he was met with silence.

Stepping further into the room, he put his keys back in his pocket and hung his jacket up. He flipped the light switch, watching as the crappy school lights flickered to life. The main room of the dorm was empty.

"T-Tae?" He called again, venturing deeper into the apartment. He sighed as he checked all the rooms, only to turn up empty.

He frowned as he sat on the couch, glancing at the laptop on the coffee. He sighed and grabbed it, knowing Taehyung wouldn't mind him using it. He figured he could google the symptoms of a concussion and then watch Youtube for a while.

He opened it, praying Taehyung didn't have a password. He smiled when it turned on, no password needed to get into the system.

A tab was open, just a single document. Jimin glanced at the title and over the words written under it, figuring it'd be some random medical assignment and moved the mouse to open a new tab. His fingers froze, the pointer freezing with it. His eyes trailed over the words written on the screen again, this time reading from the beginning.

Entry #13:
It's been long enough for me to know for a fact that I have feelings for my best friend. I'm totally in love with Park Jimin. I'm in love with someone who I can never have, because he likes someone else, and the person who he likes |

Jimin slammed the computer shut and threw it on the couch cushion next to him. His breathing picked up as he stared at a certain spot on the coffee table.

"H-Holy shit." Jimin whispered, running a hand through his hair.

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