"You're...going...to...kill me...one...of...these days," she told me as she slowly stopped laughing. Now, she was focused more on breathing than anything else. "Deddeh Cash," she said in a horrible Southern accent once she was all good.

I snickered and rolled off of her body. "F-ck, I'm still tired."

"Why do you even have an alarm for 9 AM on a f-cking Sunday?"

"I take to the kids to see my grandparents and we go to church. I try to go to church every Sunday with them even if I just meet them there." Leilani giggled. "What's so funny?"

"Your devilish ass cannot step in a church. You'll burn it down. You're lying. No way that you go."

I dropped my lower jaw and pretended to be shocked. "I'm devilish?"

"You make me do pushups," Leilani whined.

"I'm your trainer. And I have to do something so you can work off those 20 Oreos that you eat daily."

"My brother was overexaggering, okay? I only ate like sixteen! Let me live! I was a fat kid. Sometimes I like to splurge."

"I was a fat kid too."

"I believe it. I couldn't breathe because you were so heavy not because I was laughing too hard."

I cut my eyes at her. "Honey, I'm all muscle. Check the biceps."

"Check your breath." She could barely say the sentence without giggling.

"You're being really mean to me this morning. To think I was going to skip church just to take you to breakfast to thank you in a way for making me cum like that last night. But nevermind."

Leilani went from laughing to begging immediately, "Please, Daddy Cash, feed me. I'm so sorry. I won't say anything else mean. I promise."

"You're that hungry?"

"Please, daddy, I'm famished." This time I was the one who couldn't stop laughing. Leilani kept up her act. She gave me this pout that made me want to buy her more than just breakfast. She was such a pretty girl. I don't understand who could ever hurt her. "Daddy Cash, I'm so poor. Feed me. I'm a starving intern at a modeling company. I eat scraps from the trash for food."

"Fine, okay, I'll feed you."

"Really? You're really going to pay for my meal? Sh-t, you might get a round two after."

"You're so stupid, but yeah, let's go get breakfast."

Within an instant, Leilani jumped from the bed and stood on the floor. She put her hands on her hips as she stood there naked. "Well, Texas, let's go!"

"Let me go home and shower and stuff, and then I'll come back and pick you up."

I got up from the bed as well and I heard Leilani let out a "Whew!" as I put on my clothes. I chuckled and shook my head as I went from wearing absolutely nothing to my clothes from yesterday. When I was finally dressed, I turned back to Leilani who was still staring at me. She hadn't moved an inch and she was still naked. "You can't let that body go to waste. You're stripping for me one night, Texas."

I shrugged my shoulders as I smirked. "I used to be a stripper anyways."


"No, I'm playing but I can still hit a move or two. Maybe one day I'll show you a little something something."

"Uh lil' suttin suttin?"

"Please, stop trying to sound country, honey. You sound like you're having a stroke," I told her as I walked closer to her. She looked at me up and down before tucking her bottom lip between her teeth. "I'll see you in about thirty minutes?"

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