Chapter 25 | Departure

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Calvin and Ben walked into the armory, Calvin still wowed by all the silver sitting on the endless racks, despite being in there multiple times. Some parts of the rack were empty, others were full of custom armor, each with its own design. A knock came from the entrance of the armory, and in walked Bradbur.

"Heya, Calvin," Bradbur said, slowly walking towards Calvin who pulled a silver chestplate off the wall and slipped it on. "Good luck on your trip," he said, taking off his green helmet. Calvin turned towards him with his chestplate on, revealing a big smile to Bradbur.

"I didn't think Thad would let me do this trip," Calvin said. "Much less give me and entire squadrant of spellweavers and crush a group of spies,"

Bradbur sighed and pushed his green helmet into Calvin's chest. Calvin grabbed it quickly and Bradbur let it go, plopping it into his friend's hand. "Keep it," he said. "I don't know if I'll see 'ya when you get back. You can have it just in case,"

Bradbur turned on his heel and left the armory quickly, grabbing another silver helmet off the wall as he left and slipping it on.

Calvin looked down at the helmet, his reflection staring back at him. He lifted it above him and slipped it over his head. 

"Nice," Ben said. "I want a red one,"

Calvin laughed and quickly put some leggings and boots on and left the room with Ben, who had only put on a chestplate and a helmet while Bradbur and Calvin talked.

~ ~ ~

Calvin looked over behind the golden dragon as he ascended above the clouds. He was truly amazed at being in the air, as Calvin had never flown before. Ben slouched against a spike on Wímad's and didn't seem too amused or prepared for the trip. Ben wore a singular chestplate with his silver helmet in his lap. Ben's silver sword sat in his hand, looking down at it.

"How long should it take to reach...what city again?" Calvin asked Wímad, looking over the edge and seeing the mountains below them.

"We are going to try to intercept them at Durmist, and it should take maybe an hour or two," their ride replied. "If that fails, we will have to send some of our best troops into Urania itself to try to retrieve them. I bet that you'll be commander of them, Evilslayer. Thad'll say you know the most about what it's like in that apocalyptic city so you'd be best fit to go rescue the Destigems."

Calvin nodded, but knew Wímad couldn't see him. He glanced over at Ben who had fallen asleep already, and they had hardly been in the air.

Calvin himself postitioned himself behind the spike that Ben slept against, and leaned backwards to discover there was another gray spike sticking out of Wímad's back directly behind him. He yawned and shut his eyes, sleep pulling at him instantly.

~ ~ ~

The dark lord walked up the hill, his wand throbbing with power. Braunick hadn't ever used a wand after he had gotten gems, but now it was needed. The power of what he was looking for couldn't be tracked without one. It was too strong.

The rain poured down heavily as Braunick climbed the scorched hill. He had looked long and far for this final piece to his puzzle, the gem that would start his ultimate rule over Renya. The gem that could make anything powerful. The gem that could let Braunick live forever.

Braunick had never guessed that the last gem he needed would be right beside where he resided. The Storm of Dark Energy hailed down both normal rain and dark energy upon anyone left in Urania. It was still slowly expanding, starting to reach the southern coast of the continent. He had used Black Magic to locate the last locations for the three gems he needed, saving the best for last: The Black Gem. 

When Braunick located it he had discovered it was beneath a building. With the power he had gathered from his eleven gems he possessed, Braunick burnt the building down to the ground, not leaving a single ash. 

He reached the top of the hill, his wand vibrating violently. Suddenly, the wooden wand exploded in a fury of sparks, causing him to duck quickly. He glanced at his wand to discover the end of it snapped off and landed behind him. The wand was broken. He tossed the piece he had in his hand over his shoulder and raised his hand in front of him. Energy pulsed through his veins, preparing to convert itself into something else after it shot out of Braunick's palm. 

The dirt in front of Braunick suddenly took on a black outline and lifted out of the ground. Braunick moved his palm to the left and the dirt followed, keeping a large distance between the two. Braunick sat the dirt down, closing his palm. The black outline around the dirt disappeared.

Lightning struck in the distance as Braunick bent over the hole he had made in the top of the hill. Inside the small hole was a black gem, half encased in dirt. Braunick reaches his hand down and pulled it out, the gem slightly vibrating in his hand.

He could just see the energy pulsing through it. The energy in this gem was far greater than the others, the only other gem that could match it was the White Gem, which Braunick has possessed for a while now. He had had the White Gem for a long time, long before his brother had caused a downfall to his empire.

Braunick slid his fingers around the Black Gem and pressed. The gem shattered from the pressure, shards falling to his feet. Braunick laughed evilly as he was lifted into the air, arms extended upwards in victory. His mouth forcefully opened and the black energy entered through there.

Braunick fell onto his feet, a giant evil smile on his face. He lifted his hands above his head, and a white and black bolt of lightning shot from each as he laughed evilly.

Now, the only gems he was missing was Marque and Agent 34's. If Agent X had done her job like Braunick instructed her to then Arenia was now on his side and didn't need her gems.

Braunick only began walking towards Durmist in the rain and only realized he wasn't walking when he looked down. He saw his feet weren't on anything and Braunick was flying. He looked at his hands and they were given a black and white glow.

Braunick smirked devilishly and shot his black hand in front of him and began to fly faster. "I'm coming, 34."

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