36- the dress

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What felt like centuries later, but was probably only ten minutes, the thundering footsteps in the hallway started to move further and further away. It wasn't until we were enveloped in silence again that I broke away from him, pissed. 

"I guess you were right." I muttered. 

"Sorry, Aly."

I heard my phone ringing again from the nightstand so I quickly walked over to it, rejecting the call and blocking Chris' number. I wanted to yell at him but couldn't risk giving anything away. For all he knew, I gave him all of the wrong information, not just the room number.

That night, we heard another knock on the door. It was a courier delivering our outfits for tomorrow night, a reveal that I had been greatly anticipating.

Tyler slipped the young man a tip before bringing the rectangular boxes inside with me following him like a puppy who smelled food. When he put them on the bed, I anxiously watched as he lifted the cover off of the first one. It was a black tux, something I'm sure would look fly as hell on Tyler. I'd seen him in regular clothes, thieving clothes, and no clothes at all, and a tux was certainly going to be different than all of that. Maybe he'd even fool my dad into thinking he was a respected entrepreneur instead of some low-level criminal.

"Here, open yours." Tyler said as he slid his box over and revealed the second one. Hesitantly, I stood in front of it and took a deep breath. This was the moment of truth. He had to know me pretty well to know what kind of dress I'd like, and I really hoped he didn't fuck it up.

I lifted up the white tissue paper to reveal a cocktail dress. The top half was a glimmering silver with short sleeves and a scoop neckline. I held it up and saw the bottom half was black and tight as opposed to the loose top, which would be perfect for my stitches. It was a beautiful dress, one that I was sure looked great, but there was something else about it that had me staring at it, unable to put it down.

"What... how..." I seemed unable to put my words into sentences. Still in shock, I slowly put the dress back in the box and turned around to look at Tyler. "That's the same dress I wore on my twenty first birthday."

"Yep. I remember it well." Tyler said with a smile.

I narrowed my eyes at him, trying to remember that night but coming up with nothing. Carly and Jess had gotten me drunker than I'd ever been and I only had a slight recollection of everything that happened. 

"I saw you that night?" I questioned.

"Yep. You were at Dave's for over an hour."

I eyed him wearily. "And what exactly did I do there?"

"You came in pretty drunk and took more shots when you got there. You danced for a while, played some pool, and told off every guy that tried to talk to you."

Definitely sounds like me, I thought.

"I knew you were trouble from the first moment I saw you." Tyler said with a sparkle in his eyes.

As I continued to rack my brain for any semblance of a memory, I felt it slowly coming back. For the longest time, I thought that my drunk interaction with Tyler was just a dream. I thought the first time I went to Dave's was a couple days later when I was sober, and ignored that nagging feeling in my stomach that told me that wasn't right.

Suddenly, I remembered the moment I stumbled in. My eyes had met Tyler's almost immediately after walking into the establishment, and I had stopped right in the middle of the floor causing Carly and Jess to run into me.

After gathering myself, I had started to saunter over to the bar while my friends stayed where they were. I had sat down at a stool and smiled at Tyler, a grin that was probably really sloppy. I ordered some drinks and then I vaguely remembered saying something after that, but the words weren't coming to me.

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