34- dirty thoughts

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We spent the next five days in that room, Tyler only leaving to go for a workout in the hotel gym. I was starting to feel better and had less soreness in my chest, but I still wasn't allowed to do much more than walk around. I cooked for myself and watched a lot of TV, and I mean a lot, cause what else was I supposed to do?

At one point, I checked on my classes but quickly realized that it was impossible to save my grades. They'd all plummeted below 60 with all of my missed homework and tests. It was finals week but I wasn't even going to bother studying. I had already failed my entire semester, and even though that was a depressing thought, I had more pressing issues to worry about.

As for my friends, I had been busy texting them my status and assuring them of my safety. They were staying in a friend's house a couple streets down from ours and were glad to hear that I was in a hotel, albeit with Tyler. Chris started texting me too after having gone to our apartment and realizing that none of us were there. I told him there was a leak in the basement and that we'd have to stay somewhere for a while until it was fixed. As long as he didn't constantly check to see if there were workers there, I thought the lie was good enough to hold.

"Can we go get the watch today?" I asked Tyler as he was in the kitchen cutting himself an apple. It was nine a.m. on a Thursday and I was beyond restless.

"Sure." Tyler replied without even looking up at me. I turned back to the TV with a victorious smile. I thought I was going to have to fight him on that one.

After changing into the sweats Tyler got me, I quickly decided that I needed to grab some more of my clothes while we were there.

Tyler and I silently walked to the car, and just as silently drove to my street. Since the night that we cuddled, there had been no more physical contact. Tyler didn't try anything probably because he sensed my hesitation. Not to mention my injury, which would make sex less than fun. 

As we pulled up to my walkway, Tyler left the car running as he scanned the street for any sign of his uncles. Convinced that they weren't around, he turned the car off but left the key in the ignition just in case we needed a quick escape.

Then he looked at me. "Where's the watch?"

"Under the sink, in the way back behind the pipes." I told him. "It's in a box."

Tyler nodded before stepping out of the car, and I started to follow.

"What are you doing?" He demanded as I walked around the car.

"I need clothes."

"You should stay here. You're injured."

I stepped onto the sidewalk with Tyler standing in front of me, blocking my view of the house. "It'll be faster if we both go in."

We had a stare off for a couple seconds before the sound of a car approaching distracted us. Both of us turned to look at the Ford F-150 cruising past us with some college kids inside. It served as a reminded that his bosses could come at any moment and with that, he finally conceded.

"Fine. Just get your clothes and go back to the car."

I smiled victoriously before leading him up the walkway. By now, I was walking at full speed and could probably even run if I wanted to, as long as that didn't mess up the stitches. After finding the extra key in the potted plant out front, I turned it in the lock and opened the door to darkness. Without saying another word to each other, we both went our separate ways to grab what we needed to.

We were probably only there for fifty seconds before we heard tires screeching down the road. Luckily, Tyler already had the watch but I had only grabbed a couple pairs of jeans. Quickly shoving a handful of t-shirts into my backpack, I ran with Tyler outside to the car. As I opened my door and jumped inside, I quickly turned to look at the car speeding toward us.

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