Part 1: Welcome to Alola [Edited]

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[Name]'s POV

"Mew!" The small pink Pokémon nudges my side, awakening me from my slumber.

I groan while rolling onto my stomach, burying my head under my [F/C] pillow that matches the sheets. Mew lies down on my back and starts tickling my neck with its tail, making me giggle. "All right, all right, I'll get up," I sigh, and Mew gets off my back and lets me roll out of bed.

I land on the wooden floors, the early morning sun shining down on my body through the open window. I stare up at my white ceiling then at the pastel ocean blue walls. Mew starts nudging me again, and I snap out of my gaze and pull myself up, grabbing some clothes from my dresser and closet.

I saunter across my bedroom floor, opening the door that leads to my bathroom and stepping inside. The cool tile greets my feet, making a shudder run up my spine. I sigh and shut the door behind me, locking it. "A new journey starts today," I smile while starting the shower water and turning on my Bluetooth speaker.

I connect my phone to the speaker, and [F/S] starts playing throughout the now humid room. I strip out of my clothes and step into the shower, the warm water beating down on my [S/T] skin. I hum along with the tune of the song, closing my eyes and washing my [H/C] hair.

I rinse my hair out and grab some soap, washing my body before rinsing off and turning the water off. I grab a towel and open the shower door, stepping out onto the fluffy, ocean-blue bath rug. I grab my phone off the bathroom counter and turn off my music, setting my phone on my pile of clothes.


I sigh as my little friend hits the bathroom door, not liking to be separated from me. I secure the towel around my body and unlock the bathroom door before opening it. "Mew! It's alright, beb, I'm here," I coo as my buddy tackles me in a hug. I smile before holding it out at arm's length. "Are you ready for our journey today?"

"Mew! Mew!" it responds with happiness.

I giggle and let it go, shutting the bathroom door and changing into my soft, [F/C] t-shirt, black jean shorts with a belt to hold my Pokéballs, slipping my phone in my back pocket. I fix my [H/L] hair so it's not a mess before walking out of the bathroom and slipping on some socks and my high top sneakers.

"Let's go, Mew!" I announce while grabbing my drawstring bag and slinging it on my back.

I walk out of my bedroom and into the main area of my house that's peaceful and bright from the morning sun. I make my way over to the kitchen and grab a breakfast bar and some water along with some poffins for Mew.

I toss one of the treats into the air, and Mew catches it, doing a flip afterward. I giggle with a smile while opening the wrapping on my own breakfast bar and taking a bite of it. I continue feeding Mew while eating my own meal until my phone buzzes in my back pocket. I throw the wrapper for my breakfast bar away and grab my phone.

"That's the alarm, Mew. We need to get going," I announce while opening the front door and stepping outside.

The warm sunlight greets me and I look up as some Wingulls fly overhead in the bright blue sky with some cirrus clouds here and there.

"If I recall what I was reading... Iki Town isn't too far from here. Let's go there first," I grin as a kid runs past my house, chasing his Meowth down the path.

Mew flips around in excitement, and I walk down the few steps that lead up to the front door of my house. My feet hit the dirt path, and I head right, stopping when the path breaks off into two, one going straight and the other leading up a hill on my right. I jog the path that goes uphill, waving to children and adults as I pass by.

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