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Welcome to the shareable portions of my notes for the Everburning City!

I was wondering what to do, to acknowledge that I've been on Wattpad for an entire year now. The Dragon Chase has been up, in its entirety, for about eleven months. It's creeping towards 100,000 reads, has been featured, and has found itself a wonderful little niche in this small galaxy of stories contained inside Wattpad. Burning Night, the prequel novel that demonstrates how haphazardly I'm building this world, has just climbed over ten thousand, and has just reached the climatic chapters.

In that year, I've been given a gift from this community. Hundreds of people have taken time out of their lives to not only read the Tales of the Everburning City, but to actively tell me how I can improve it. You have praised what works well, noted what doesn't, shared the moments that that tugged at your heart strings, and poked gentle fun at some of my amateurish mistakes.

For a man who wants to become better at this writing thing, this is a princely gift.

Now, of all the feedback I've received, the most common theme is some confusion about the world. The Spire, the mechanics of the world, The City's institutions, I haven't always done an adequate job of explaining it in an accessible way.

Or on occasion, not bothering to explain it at all.

So I'm going to start posting a somewhat redacted version of my world-building notes. I have a few ideas of where I'd like to start, but if any of you have some topics you'd like me to touch on, I'd be happy to.

I will do my best to avoid spoilers. Particularly plot spoilers. Where that is impossible, I'll try to make sure the spoiler warnings are bright and bold.

To anyone who had slogged through my stuff to this point, thank you. I'm not being paid for this yet, but this is definitely living a dream I've had since childhood.

Burn brightly.

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