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As I was eating, I sat back against the headboard and shoved spoonful after spoonful of asian noodles into my mouth without a care in the world. I didn't even stop when Tyler looked over at me and could bear witness to my pig-like eating habits. Let him be disgusted with me. Let him want nothing to do with me so I could go back to my safe, boring life.

"I'm going to drop Cam off at the airport. I'll be back in twenty minutes." With a full mouth, all I could do was nod and wave a goodbye to Cam as he stood next to Tyler with a smile.

"Don't have too much fun without me, lovebirds." Cam teased.

I suddenly started to feel a bit of panic as I watched the brothers leave me alone in the hotel room. Cam the buffer was gone, which meant I'd hear the whole story soon.

Isn't that a good thing? It's all I've wanted since the beginning, but now, I was scared to hear it. Maybe the story proves Tyler isn't actually a good guy. Or maybe it does, meaning I had no good reason not to be with him.

With a grunt, I shoved aside the empty container and moved onto the chocolate bar. I turned my attention to the television and saw that Ocean's Eleven was playing, which I thought was quite fitting. I smiled as I watched the band of men orchestrate their next heist, impressed with their skills and craftiness. Though let's be honest, there's no way either of us could ever be that good.

After what seemed like much shorter than twenty minutes, Tyler waltzed back in the room. The right side of his mouth twitched up into that cute half-smile of his when he saw the empty food containers sitting next to me on the bed, and I wouldn't be surprised if I had remnants of the feast left on my face.

"So." I said.

Tyler raised an eyebrow and walked over to me. Sitting on the end of the bed, he smiled at me quick before looking away.

"So they're your uncles, huh?" I started.

Tyler let out a deep breath. "Yep. My father worked with them first, when they lost their parents at a young age. They ran away from their foster parents and decided to live on the street together, stealing whatever they could to survive. They got really good at it and the eventually, the jobs became about more than just survival." Tyler was still staring at the wall, his expression clouded. "Then my dad met my mom. He was still with his brothers at that point but wanted out so he could start a life with her. They wouldn't let him, so he kept on doing jobs until we were born. That's when he actually tried to run, and got as far as New York before they caught up to him. They hurt my mom and threatened her life to get him to stay. Threatened our lives too. So he had no choice but to stay."

Tyler paused and clenched his jaw. I resisted the urge to put a reassuring hand on his back, not knowing if it would help or hurt.

"Three years ago, I found out about what my dad was doing. I spent the next year convincing him that I could take his place so my siblings could be safe. We asked the brothers and they agreed, but they wanted Cam too. My dad and I came up with a plan to sneak him out, but it failed and one of our friends was killed while Cam was beat to shit. We gave up after that. My uncles kept Cam under house arrest to make sure I kept doing what they asked. And that was that, I didn't try again."

I let the information sit for a minute. It all made sense so it didn't take me too long to process. I always assumed that Cam was a prisoner in all this just as much as Tyler was.

"Where's your family now?" I asked.


"How long has your mom known?"

"Since the beginning."

"And she stayed."

"Yep." If I was being honest, that was the most striking part of the story. That Tyler's mom knew just how fucked up the situation was and stayed. And still stayed after almost getting killed.

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