Chapter 10

“Claim me, Damien,” Ali said breathily to her mate as he made his way down her chest. He was on top of her now, straddling her, he stopped to pull her shirt off of her and unhook her bra.

Damien stared at her breasts for a moment, long enough for Ali to blush. He saw that he blush went all the way to her chest. He grinned, his golden eyes twinkling and lowered his head and took one of her rose-colored nipples in his mouth.

Ali arched up with a soft moan, she’d read all about this kind of love-making; but to experience it herself was something entirely different. No wonder sex sells.

Damien pulled off his own shirt and was undoing her pants. Ali took the opportunity to run her hands along his hard planes in his chest. Taking in how each muscle twitched and quivered underneath her touch.

Ali was almost naked now; Damien was kneeling between her legs where they hung off the bed. He looked into her eyes as he pulled her underwear down. When she was completely naked in front of him Damien shook his head and muttered the word, “Beautiful.”

Ali blinked back tears, she actually believed him when he called her beautiful. He was the only man in the world that could make her pretty except for her deceased father.

Damien spread her thighs and Ali shook in anticipation; her eyes were clamped closed but she could feel his warm breath on her hotspot. She quivered as she felt him get closer and closer; she heard him open his mouth and his tongue gave one quick flick against her clit and her eyes popped open.

Holy mother of God! She thought to herself and was about to bury her fingers in Damien’s thick, dark hair when there was an insistent banging on the door.

Damien’s growl was so feral that she was scared for the person on the other side. Damien stood up and took one last searing look at his mate. He reached for a sheet and covered her naked body. He kissed her forehead tenderly as he got up and answered the door.

Ali couldn’t see who it was but Damien’s growls didn’t intensify when he looked at the person. There was only one person that Damien wouldn’t growl at, and that was his father.

Whatever was happening, they were smart to send Liam; because any other wolf would have probably been torn apart.

“Sorry to interrupt son, but we have a problem,” came Liam’s voice.

Damien looked at Ali, naked, aroused and ready in his bed and back at his father with a sigh. “I’ll be there soon.”

Liam must have nodded because Damien closed the door and came back to his mate.

“What’s wrong?” Ali asked as he flopped down on the bed beside her.

Damien was face down but he turned his head to the side to look at her. She was gorgeous, her dark brown hair was a tangled mess around her head, her lips were swollen from his kisses and the gold had not yet dimmed from her eyes.

This was the perfect time to take his mate and make her his, but duty called.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to have to find out,” he replied to her.

Ali looked away from him and sighed. She flopped back on the bed as well and turned her head to look at him, “I thought we were going to do it,” she said.

Damien nodded, “I know, we were.”

She looked back up at the ceiling, “But duty calls,” she said.

Damien sighed, “Yes, it does.”

Ali looked back over at him, “I’m coming with you.” Ali had that look on her face, the one that was telling him she was getting her way no matter what.

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