31- Adam Montgomery

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"Hey there." The boy leaning against the wall outside of my room was young. Maybe twenty-one. He had light brown hair, lighter than Tyler's, with tan skin. The angles on his face weren't as pronounced and he had a pointier nose, but the eyes were almost the same.

"Cam, this is Aly. Aly, Cam." Tyler introduced us. I picked up my jaw from the ground and managed a smile.

"So this is the girl you risked everything for." Cam smirked, looking me up and down. "I can see why."

Apparently, Cam got all of the charm in the family. Though I didn't know how good I could possibly look after getting so messed up.

"Let's go." Tyler muttered.

We made it to the car without another word spoken. Then, with Tyler driving and me out back, Cam turned around in the passenger's seat to look at me. "So is this one of those you-should-see-the-other-guys kinda thing?"

"They definitely have it worse." I replied, not missing the tension in Tyler's shoulders.

"That's pretty badass. Seriously, for you to escape those assholes, you must have some serious skills-"

"Cam. Shut it." Tyler ordered.

Cam rolled his eyes to the sky before turning back around. "You're no fun." 

The rest of the ride was silent, which seemed to do nothing to improve Tyler's mood despite it being what he wanted. I quickly got the impression that Cam's talkativeness had everything to do with the fact that he'd been locked up at his aunt's house for over a year, with just about zero contact with the outside world.

When we finally reached our destination, I realized we were at a hotel in the middle of downtown Boston, about thirty minutes away from our tiny little neighborhood.

I followed Tyler and Cam into the lobby with a couple of light bags in my uninjured hand while Tyler carried a duffel bag and about four other shopping bags. When we got to the front desk, I set the items down in a huff and leaned against the wood for support as Tyler started talking to the woman at the front desk.

"I have a reservation for Adam Montgomery please."

I turned to Tyler to make sure it was his voice I was hearing. When the hell did he make a reservation and who the hell is Adam Montgomery? 

"A king suite, correct?" The woman behind the desk asked.


"Dibs on the king bed." Cam said with a smile as he rocked back and forth on his heels, obviously restless. Tyler ignored his brother's comment as he grabbed the keys from the woman. Without a word to either of us, he grabbed his bags and led the way to the elevator.

As soon as the door closed, I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes at 'Adam'. "You gonna tell me what the hell is going on?"

Tyler's eyes remained fixed on the gold elevator doors in front of him. "We got fake ID's a long time ago, thanks to my father. The credit card is also his."

I pursed my lips in thought, pleasantly surprised that his family had this backup plan set up. Not to mention how easy it was for Tyler to answer me honestly, a thought that made me feel unusually warm inside.

Our room was on the seventh floor and as we walked inside, I was surprised with how big it was. Right off of the entryway, there was a kitchenette complete with a couple burners and a decent sized fridge. On the opposite side of the hallway, there was the bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. Past all of this was the large bed and a flat screen TV in front of it, with an armchair sitting in the far corner. Even with all of that, there was still a decent amount of empty floor space.

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