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As I was running past my house I sighed and went inside instead to get food. As I was eating my phone rang and I heard Beverly I nodded and threw the rest of my sandwich away and pedaled to her house.

I got there before everyone else and saw her. I set my bike down and ran to her she blew out some smoke and I hugged her. "Are you okay?!" She nodded shakily and the losers club arrived. She put out her cigarette, hiding it from the others.

She looked at them "we need a look out. My dad would kill me if he knew I had boys over." We all looked at Richie.

"Come on!" He protested then sighed "what do I even do if he comes?!" As they walked up the fire escape stan looked at him "do what you always do, talk!"

Richie gasped fake hurt as we went inside her apartment. I looked down the eerie hallway and frowned. "So where is it?" Ben asked. She walked towards the bathroom "over here."

She opened the door and our mouths dropped open. "H-holy shit." Bill stuttered. I gulped "ew." I commented.

"You guys can see it?" Beverly asked relieved. "My dad couldn't see it,I thought I was crazy." Eddie looked around and took a breath from his inhaler. Ben spoke "well if you are we all are to." We walked inside and got to work.


As I went to go dump a bucket of bloody water out I saw Ben watching Bill and Bec share a moment sadly. I sighed and he jumped, he stood next to me and we started walking. "Ben just make a move any girl is lucky to have you just make sure you don't miss your chance" he nodded and we poured the buckets out.

"That was the last one!" I shouted into the house and climbed out going down the stairs. The rest joined me and we drove off.

As we rode Richie kept talking "Richie just shut up" Stan said "yeah sure make the funny one the door man. I mean hey at least I didn't have to see her bathroom go all eddies moms vagina on Halloween." Eddie groaned and I rolled my eyes.

I sighed and bill spoke "I saw it too." Stan turned to him as we stopped "you saw blood too?" He shook his head "no I saw Georgie." I gulped.

"I saw a leper and a clown w-with red balloons..." we looked around the circle. "I saw a red balloon.." Ben spoke "I did earlier, and before we left I uh saw spiders as the room closed in..."

Richie furrowed his brows "can only virgins see this stuff? Is that why I'm not seeing this shit?" We rolled our eyes and heard yelling.

We turned and saw bowers car and went to go speed off but bev noticed something. "Hey wait isn't that the homeschooled kids bike by the car? We have to go help!" Richie sighed "we don't have to" I glared at him "yes we do" we threw got bikes down and ran down the hill towards the yelling.

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