29- time to go

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Sometimes, when you do things that you know are stupid, you don't truly realize what the risks are until you come face to face with them. You may think that you're invincible, that yeah there's a risk but it won't happen to me. Not me. Someone else maybe, but I'll be fine.

You don't realize until you've got 14 stitches in your stomach that maybe you should have listened to reason. Maybe, before you had bruised ribs and a sprained wrist, you should try to avoid danger instead of running straight for it. Diving in, head first, not caring about anything but the thrill attached.

That's what was going through my mind as I lay on the hospital bed, staring at the white walls and doped up on painkillers. I risked my life and my friends' safety for a guy. Sure, I might have some feelings for him and there may have been a good reason but seriously? 

"Hey champ, how are you doing?"

Looking over to the open doorway of my room, I saw my two roommates standing there with sad smiles and a box of chocolates.

"No flowers?" I teased.

Carly grinned wider. "Don't even. You hate flowers."

The two girls walked further into the room, apprehension hidden beneath their smiles. Jess's eyes looked at me a twinge of anger as she spoke. "What the hell happened?" 

I racked my brain for some kind of reasonable explanation, juggling between getting mugged and getting into a fight. I didn't want to tell them it was Tyler's guys cause that would get him in even more trouble. And me.

"You went to see Tyler again, didn't you?" Jess accused before I could come up with an answer.


"Ok and then what?" Her voice was harsh, demanding. "I don't want any bullshit answers, either."

"It was Tyler's guys, but I can't tell you anything else."

"Why not?" Carly demanded.

"Cause it's not my secret to tell."

Both of them regarded me silently. I hated being so vague but I just couldn't bring myself to tell someone else's secret, no matter how mad at that person I may be. Besides, it wouldn't benefit them in any way to know the whole truth.

"Stay somewhere else for the next week or so, okay? Just until this is all sorted out." I pleaded with them.

"Why? Are they gonna come after you again?" Jess asked. 

"I don't know. Maybe."

Jess opened her mouth to say something else, but she was cut off.


I heard Tyler's breathless voice come from the open doorway, the sound of my full name rolling softly off his tongue. All three of us looked over at him, at his dark eyes and clenched jaw. I saw his gaze rake over me, anger and pain increasing in his expression with every inch he took in. I knew my face must look the worst with a cut cheek and a black eye. I saw his tense shoulders and I knew immediately that he wanted to hurt whoever did this to me.

"What are you doing here?" Jess immediately turned on him, her voice accusatory and arms crossed.

"I came to see if she was okay." Tyler kept his gaze on me despite Jess's confrontation. 

"She's fine. You better tell us what the hell is going on before I call the cops." Jess had taken another threatening step toward him, her fists clenched at her sides. Tyler's gaze finally left mine as he regarded Jess with surprise, lifting his hands up in surrender and taking a step back into the hallway.

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