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I stayed up the rest of the night. Too afraid to fall back asleep, I gathered my thoughts and knew I had to make a plan. After she had appeared, she had yelled something at me.

What was it that she said? I asked myself as I concentrated.

Something about joining her before the door closed? WHAT DOOR?

Opening my laptop, I searched the internet for any definition I could find.

Is there a door we go through when we die?
Does Heaven have a door? Can it close?
Death's door.
I'm being visited by my dead best friend who mentioned a door.

"Dammit!" I yelled.

My search resulted in nothing useful. Frustrated, I knew I'd have to research this more. There wasn't an easy answer.

I needed to know how much time I had left.

Before dawn, I was up and dressed

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Before dawn, I was up and dressed. I left a note for my mom saying I was going out with a friend. Since she seemed so worried about me, I knew she'd rest easy at the thought of me getting out of the house and hanging with a friend.

The only library open this early was the one located one town over, which was too far for me to walk. I sprinted over to the bus stop and took a seat on the bench. As the bus came to a halt and opened its doors, I deposited some change and took a seat near the front on an empty row. I slid over to sit near the window, and stared out at the cars rushing by.

I was able to read some of the street names that we passed and scooted to the other end of my seat in anticipation of getting off at the next stop. I hopped up, skipping down the bus' steps and through its doors. It was only a block away from the library.

As I made my way up the sidewalk, I could see more people were beginning to venture outside to start their day. Traffic seemed to have picked up, and I could see men and women dressed in suits, sipping insulated mugs while they sped off on their way to work. The Sparrow Library was an older building that, much like every other building in the town of Sparrow, had no intention of updating its exterior any time soon. I approached the front doors, getting a glance inside a few of the glass windows. It looked pretty empty.

When I got inside, I noticed rows of wobbly wooden tables towards the very back. Matching chairs were all neatly pushed in as far as they could go. I went to the first table away from any windows, pulled a chair out slightly to indicate that someone was sitting there, and then turned to face the aisles of books.

This library was one of the very few that kept extremely long hours. They opened every morning at five o'clock and didn't close until eleven at night. Next door was the Sparrow Adult Education Center, which offered courses in everything from cooking, sewing, and yoga, to finance, languages, and preparing your taxes. My mom had taken a knitting class there years ago, dropping me off at the Kidz Klub once or twice when my dad wasn't home to watch me while she went to her class. 

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