Writing A Book Tips To Get you Started

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Writing A Book Tips To Get Started

Writing a Book on Wattpad or to publish - I can empathize with you, because I know exactly how difficult it is to get those first words out on paper. No, the idea won't work. No, it's not really the idea; it's just the way I write. No, I think I just can't see the book through to its conclusion. What if it isn't very good? Doubts often come fast and in numbers at this stage.

When it comes to writing a novel, we have all kinds of fears. In this article, it isn't my idea to bust them. Instead I'm going to tell you what had worked for me when I started out. Plain and simple.

The central idea

Without a core concept, your writing can quickly skid out of control. That's why attack this point the very moment you think you've landed an idea that is nothing short of gold. Is the idea itself the centre of the story? Or does a stray strand sound more like the real hero? Think it through and write it down. Even if you have multiple ideas flooding your mind, put them all down on paper. Once that's done, you can single out the idea you think will work best.

The working title


Once you're clear about the central theme on which you want to base your book, finding a working title would be a catwalk. I remember struggling with this when it first occurred to me that I should write something. Later, of course, I realized I was doing it wrong. Finding the central idea gave me so much more freedom to juggle around with working title options. Your working title will obviously depend on the subject you are writing about. It is usually a good idea to use a title that gives the readers an idea about what they'll find in the book. While this holds true always for non-fiction, in fiction you have greater freedom to be cryptic.

The readership


I have had multiple debates with people regarding this point. I've heard many say that the right thing to do is to just go with the flow. Write the book and your job is done. Really is that the way to go?

I don’t think so. You're writing the book for a purpose and that purpose is to reach out to an audience. If that's not the case, why don't you just write it in your old, tattered notebook and forget about it? Identifying your audience should be one of your top priorities.

The conviction


This is absolutely essential if you have to go even a step further. Are you yourself convinced about why writing the book is important? Is it just a brilliant story you can't wait to get out of your system? Or is it something that you feel you must share with the world? For all you know, you may have multiple reasons for writing a book. I had more than one myself, but that is not the point. What’s most important is that you must be aware of just why you want to tell what’s inside your head.

The significance


Oh well, we all have our reasons to write a book. But are those in line with what our audience wants? What I'm trying to say here is: just figuring out who'll read your book isn't enough. You need to get a hang of why the book will be needed or regarded. Would it assist people to take care of their finances better? Would it talk about a healthy lifestyle or good sex? Or would it establish a connection through humor, horror or erotica?

The flow


The thoughts, ideas and information you're about to put forward in your book must have a course. If you have the big picture unfolding before you, write the sequence down. It could change down the line, but who cares? For now, at least you have something to base your narrative upon. I remember making broad outlines so that I could fit in content easily. As you keep writing, you'll have more ideas popping up, and quite naturally so. Deal with them when they arrive and maintain a scribble pad to make notes.


Research for your Novel


You'll never know everything that there is in this world. I remember feeling like that when I first started writing. It was so overwhelming that I almost thought I'll shun writing forever. Then a miracle happened: I became more organized. I made a record of what I thought needed more research and how much time it would take for me to learn more. You could develop a checklist for yourself too. It sure does make life simpler!

I have always thought writing a book is like travelling to a new land. There's effort involved, but the surprises are worth it. Trust me on this and get started.

Hope this has been helpful look out for more writing tips on my page

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