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When Louise Thompson joins Rosen High, she expects to face a lot of ridicule and mockery from her new peers because she is mute. Louise suffers from selective mutism so she can talk, but in situations that make her stressed or anxious, she's incapable of speaking, and some people can't understand that. But the students at Rosen High don't seemed bothered by the non-talking new girl, until she meets the quiet boy in her AP English class.

Jared Palmer is a force to be reckoned with on Rosen High's Varsity swim team. Well loved amongst his senior class, growing up with the same faces year after year means everyone knows him, and he knows how to read them. Jared is deaf and has been since he was a child, so learning to lip read in order to fit in with his peers came as natural as walking.

When these two extraordinary teens meet, they discover a new way to communicate together, a method that works for the both of them. Becoming fast friends, the deaf boy and the mute girl form a friendship neither of them saw coming.

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