Old friends

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    "Y/n! Wake up! You need to get going before you're late," HiRi said while hitting me with a pillow. I slowly opened my eyes and got confused by the surroundings *I still haven't gotten used to living here, well I mean it's only been a day.* I was pulled out of my thoughts when a pillow struck my face again.

    "Yah! HiRi, I'm awake stop hitting me!" I said while throwing the pillow back at her. "Well don't blame me when you're late to the audition." My eyes opened fast and looked at the clock which read *7:30 a.m.*, *I'm going to be late* I quickly got up showered, put my hair in a cute braid and put on some ripped shorts a T-shirt with Timbs. I grabbed my phone and told HiRi I was leaving. "Good luck!" She told me before I walked out.

   * I'm going to need it.* I walked to the company because it was at a short distance from the apartment, as soon as I was in front of the building I forgot how to breathe. A hand landed on my shoulder pulling me out of my trance which startled me and made my reflexes act on their own, I ended up punching the person hard in the jaw. "Ouch!" He groaned.

    "Still as strong as ever I see." He said while grinning, he had silver hair and was quite tall, he also had the Australian accent which I knew to well. "Chan?! Oh my god I'm so sorry I was just startled because you grabbed me out of no where." My face grew hotter and he laughed. "It's fine, but why are you in front of the JYP company? Wait, don't tell em you're here to audition!!" He said smiling, I quietly nodded. "Well good luck! I hope everything goes well so we can work together." And with that he left.

    *I'm feeling much better after he wished me good luck* I walked in, grabbed my number and waited my turn.....
   * An hour later *
  "Number 25 we're ready for you." 
That's me... I felt my nerves coming back. I slowly walked in and JYP was sitting there, "Hello, I'm Y/n, I'm here to audition." He laughed at what I said *he laughed, so embarrassing*  "Yes, I know you are here to audition, start whenever you are ready." He said with a smile.

    *Intro to Never Ever plays*
*Wow, I'm not nervous at all anymore, it's like I'm a different person*
    * song ends and JYP claps *
  "That was great! I loved the energy how would you like to train for us?" My eyes widened with shock. *I could scream right now!* "Yes, I would love to." I bowed. "Okay you start tomorrow, come to this Address so that you can meet the members." I grabbed my phone and walked out. * Oh my god! I did it! I really did it! * as I was turning the corner I spotted Chan, he was with some people but I didn't care. "Bang Chan! I passed!" He turned around gave me the biggest smile and hugged me.

   "I'm so happy! I knew you could do it!" He said while patting my head. I smiled and felt my cheeks flush a little. "Seems like you're still Chan obsessed like always." I turned to see a brunette boy with the cutest freckles. " And you are?" I said raising an eyebrow. " It's sad you don't remember your old friend" he said smirking.
  * Oh no, no no no, this can't be *
My smile instantly dropped from the thought of his name. "Lee Felix?"

  "You guessed right! Aren't you glad to see me?" He grinned "Not really" I smiled. As I started to walk away I heard JYP-Nina voice "Y/n! Wait, since you guys are here already meet your team mates, Stray Kids." He said pointing at the boys, they all introduced themselves and bowed " It's nice to meet you, please treat me kindly." I said smiling but it soon dropped when I saw the smirk that grew on Felix's face.

* What do you have planned Lee Felix *

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