Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

“Ella,” I whispered, brushing her with my pointe shoe as we danced along side each other. Thankfully for this part of The Nutcracker we were just scattered around the stage so it wasn’t empty while Clara (who ironically was played by my stepsister of the same name) did a solo, leaving Ella and I free to talk.

“What?” She whispered back, keeping her over-the-top smile plastered on her face.

I shifted and touched her shoulder like I was discussing how lovely Clara was. “Know all that One Direction stuff that was sent to me?”

We had to turn away from one another and speak to the dancers on our other sides. After laughing and talking to them we ran into the center to begin our duet.

“What about it?” Ellie wondered before piquè turning away from me.

We arabesqued toward one another. “There were two-” we danced apart again before coming back together- “tickets and backstage passes.”

Ella’s eyes widened as she looked at me. It was easy to tell she was just barely containing a scream when we finished the dance and ran off the ‘stage’. She jumped around once we were off the floor, throwing her hand over her mouth to keep from being too loud and disrupting the rest of the class. She was already getting stares from the other girls who were clearly wondering if she was off her rocker.

“Oh. My. Gosh! I can’t believe I’m going to a freaking One Direction concert and will meet the freaking boys!” She whispered/yelled.

I stood there staring at her, giving her my best ‘oops’ face. “Oh, you thought I was inviting you…?”

She stopped jumping around, her face crumbling as tears filled her light brown eyes.

“I’m kidding!” I grabbed her in a quick hug. “Of course I was inviting you!”

“That was so mean, Kora! I thought you were serious!”

“Shh!” Clara barked at us, sending a glare in our direction before going back to her Pas de Deux with Chase.

I made a face at her, causing Ella to throw her hands over her mouth to contain her laughter.


I ran straight to my room as soon as I got home, which was something I usually did so no red flags were raised. I locked my bedroom door behind me in case anyone happened to follow me then went over to my closet and knelt down in the floor. I pulled the loose floorboard up, revealing my stash of goods I had hidden from my family. There was a magazine that One direction did an interview in where Niall had admitted he had a girlfriend (A.K.A. me), a picture of us from The Script concert we went to that had been in my wallet that had thankfully been in my dance bag my mom had make sure to take from the studio that day they basically kidnapped me, a picture of Danielle and I that had also been in my wallet, and my ticket stub from the concert that I took out of my wallet.

I took the t-shirt out of my dance bag first, slipping it into the space provided under my floor. Next was the ticket and the passes. I made sure they stayed in the envelope so I wouldn’t lose them. When I took out the necklace a smile sprang across my face. I refused to put it in with the others and instead put the floorboard back where it came from before standing up with the necklace still gripped in my fist. I went over to the mirror then secured the necklace around my neck, my smile broadening before I changed into my running clothes. Richard always took me running after dance on Wednesdays.

Someone tried to open my door, but found it was locked. They jiggled the handle before beating their fist against the wood. I ran over and unlocked the knob, pulling it open to find my mom standing on the other side with a ticked off expression clear on her face.

“Uh, hi,” I said, waving like the total awkward person I am.

“Why was your door locked?” She snapped at me.

“Erm, I was changing and forgot to unlock it.”

She huffed. “Fine. Where did you get that?” She flicked the shamrock charm dangling around my neck.

“I, uh, found it in one of my, uh, old jewelry boxes. Yeah, that’s where I got it.” I smiled, hoping to cover up my awful lying skills.

“Well, it’s ugly and stop stuttering. Richard’s waiting for you.”

I wondered if she knew how bad I wanted to punch her as she walked off. They’d probably ship me off to a ballet boot camp if I did that. Wait, do those even exist? If they did my psycho family would definitely find the toughest and send me there if I stepped out of line.
I went down the stairs, stopping by the kitchen to grab some water before meeting Richard on the front lawn.

“Ready?” He asked.

I nodded, taking a big gulp of water.


After my run, I came home and went straight to the shower. I felt bad taking Niall’s necklace off, but I didn’t want to ruin the leather cord by soaking it in the shower. I washed my cherry red hair quickly, noting I should dye it before the concert since it had faded so much. The rest of my shower went by in a blur, all my focus on getting back to my room so I could come up with a plan on how I was even getting to the concert next week.

I shut the water off, dried off, and threw on my clothes, then ran down the hall to my room. I grabbed a ponytail holder, tossing my wavy locks up out of my face so I could focus. After finding a notebook, I scribbled down all my possibilities of escape and transportation to the arena. It was going to be tough, that was for sure.

Clara came dancing into my room, her blonde curls bouncing as she turned. She stopped right in front of me, a giant, mocking smile on her face.

I raised my brow at her. “Did you want something?”

“Guess who just got Mom and Dad to buy her tickets to the One Direction concert next week?”

My heart sank. “You’re kidding me, right? You don’t even like them.”

“That’s true, but you do. So, while you’re stuck here all alone I’ll be jamming at the concert and partying backstage with those boys.”

“You’re thirteen,” I reminded her. “The only partying you will be doing with any boys is at middle school dances. The boys of One Direction won’t see you as anything more than a little ‘fan’ who can’t name any other song besides What Makes You Beautiful.”

“They don’t have to know I’m thirteen. Who knows, maybe I can lie and get one of them to fall in the love with me. The blonde one-Niall, is it?-is pretty cute.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Okay, for one, that’s completely illegal. He’s eighteen. And for two, he’s mine. You know we were together in London.”

“Which is exactly why I think I really like him. And you know I always get what I want.”

I rolled my green eyes. “You’re a little spoiled brat, you know that?”

“Whatever you say. I’ll still get Niall.”

“I repeat, it’s freaking illegal, idiot.”

Clara seemed to process my words for a minute for shrugging. “Maybe I’ll go for the curly haired boy then.”

I scoffed. “Harry? You have even less of a chance with him. The last serious relationship he had was with a thirty-two-year-old woman.”

“Ugh!” She groaned. “Whatever. I’ll stick with Niall. He will be mine.”

I stood up, hating we were the same height. I still managed to stare her down though, narrowing my eyes at her. “You are mental. He won’t ever be yours.”

She scoffed then turned on her heels, marching out of my room.

I collapsed back on my bed, throwing my hands over my face as I groaned. Once again, my family had to screw up my chance of getting out of here and being back with Niall. This is why I hate my life.

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