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Flashback [ Year 1998 ]

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[ Year 1998 ]

It was the day of new year. The day when a black Mercedes was parked outside the famous 'Kim Residency', a building where the famous chaebols of Korea used to live.

A valet approached the the car and bowed down as soon as the owner of the car took his feet out from the car.

He approached to the another side door and unlocked, to revel a cute little girl with pony tail smiling widely at the sight of her father.

"Appa, Whose mansion is this? It looks so big".

Irene's father held his daughter by her tiny waist and placed her feet against the ground. Mr. Bae locked his car and ruffled his daughter's hair playfully,"We're going to Uncle Kim's house Irene".

Irene pouted,"Who is he Appa?".

Mr Bae gave her a fatherly smile and bent down on his knees to match the height of his little daughter. Mr Bae went near her ear,"He is your future father in law Irene", He slowly whispered in Irene's ear.

Little Irene didn't understand anything. She just gave a bright smile and followed wherever her father took her.


                      Chapter: 15

                 "Seokjin's home"


"Bae Johyun".

Taehyung mumbled, as he kept staring at Irene's pictures on his laptop screen.

He picked up a a mug of coffee and started taking small sips while clicking the next button.

He kept his mug back on the table and scratched his chin when he noticed something familiar on the screen.

"Oh! This looks like my ring".

He blinked his eyes twice.

"What is it doing on her neck?".

Taehyung zoomed the picture around the neck region.

"Oh!! It's my ring!!", He freaked out.

He again went through other pictures,"It's really my ring. Why didn't I notice this before?", He sighed and layed his back on the chair.

"This girl is really something", He chuckled.

Taehyung closed his laptop and extended his cellphone to check recent notifications.

"Seokjin Hyung?"

He opened the message from Seokjin.

Taehyung scratched his head.

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