Chapter:12 ~ Incomplete (Part I)

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Ariana's POV:


'So, you are Ariana, Xavier's wife. You have quite pathetic sense of dressing.', The girl said wrinkling her nose.

'Look at her clumsy top and her jeans. Do you want to insult your husband's reputation?,' She added making me do my fingers roll in a tight fist holding my low confidence to speak up for myself.

'You must be very happy to get the billionaire as your husband.', The other girl said making me shift on my feet.

I felt an outcast in this party. They all are related to Xavier. He is standing very far from us. I am an introvert and I feel suffocated in this group. They are tearing my self-pride in front of my eyes. They are insulting me but I am unable to say anything.

Why do I feel so pathetic when this marriage is my bond with Xavier and not with his money? 

'He will never love her.', The boy said to the first girl.

'You don't even match his taste. Have you ever wondered how you look?', The third girl said pointing my dress from top to bottom. Everyone laughed at me. 

I feel like I will cry if I stayed here even for a second. Why does my tongue felt this paralysis that it can't utter a single word to them? 

'You can never get Xavier because he loves someone else and not you.', The second girl said making my eyes widen in shock.

'What? You don't know. Do you see that girl standing beside Xavier?', She pointed to a girl who stood very close to my Xavier. She is very pretty. She looks perfect.

They do seem like a real couple, not like me and Xavier together. But there is distance between them. A professional gap.

'Her name is Eva Smith and she is our best friend. Unlike you, she is very famous in this business world and a very potential wife for Xavier. Because of your interference in their life, this beautiful couple get separated.', She said insulting me.

'You are nothing in front of her.', The first girl said.

Xavier looked in my direction and made his way to us. He me. The girl, Eva is with him.

NO! He loves me. He said that multiple times when he made love to me last night. He was drunk but he called my name saying 'I love you' to me at every kiss he placed on me. They are just friends. These people want me to break my trust on my husband. I will not misunderstand my Xavier.

'Hii, Xavier.', the second girl said with a smile. They all turned quite in front of him. Eva looked in my direction and rolled her eyes.

'I thought you wanted a self-dependent and a fashionable girl as your wife. But we get to see a great shock looking at your wife. She has no fash...', The third girl tried to insult me when Xavier cut her in between.

'She is self-dependent. Even if she is the daughter of a famous businessman out there, she still chose her passion inspite of her family business like us. She is a post graduate student in Psychology Majors with every single academic award which one get a chance to win in his or her life from high-school to college. She is the highest paid Psychology teacher in the most famous medical college of the world. She is a national level winner in Badminton and Gymnastics. Talking about her fashion sense, she has enough to turn me on. Don't you ever dare to speak against my wife. She maybe not the best but surely better than us. And for me... she is the best I can ever find in my entire life.', Xavier said as he put his arm around my waist and pulled me to his side.

I felt my blood rushing to my cheeks when he looked into my eyes, with his smiling lips and amused eyes.

'I didn't mean to....', the girl tried to say.

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