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Eva stepped into the grand room. Her long white dress swayed against her legs with every step she took. She glanced around the buzzing area, searching for any familiar faces.

She was currently in Manitoba, Canada. Alpha Nathaniel and his wife were celebrating their first anniversary.

She spotted a particular dark-haired woman waving frantically while staring at her. She recognized Zena and smiled brightly before scrambling in her direction. Adrian pressed his palm into the small of her back and closely followed her.

"Hey, you two!" she greeted the siblings. She hadn't seen them since Christmas, five months ago. Zena and Zya hadn't changed much. Zena's hair was longer and her eyes contained bags that weren't there last time Eva saw her. She had a good idea of who was behind her stress- Alpha Lukas. Their relationship was still bitter.

"Hey Eva, you look cute!" Zya greeted with a mouthful of grapes. Eva laughed at Zya's silliness and turned to look at her mate's bright green eyes.

"Adrian, why don't you go say hi to Nathaniel?" she asked. He frowned the second the suggestion left her lips.

"I don't want to" he mumbled stubbornly and wrapped his arms around her, loving the feeling of having her five-month baby bump securely tucked between them.

She placed her smaller hands on his chest and softly pushed him away. "Go, I'll be right here," she urged.

Adrian nearly groaned and hesitantly released her. He mumbled something incoherent under his breath before stepping back. He reached up and removed his jacket before dropping it on her shoulders.

"I'm not cold," Eva declared.

"It will strengthen my scent on you. I'll be right back," Adrian explained and bent down to kiss her cheek.

When he walked away, Eva sighed. "That man has lost his godd*mn mind," she declared, making Zya laugh.

"All alphas are a little crazy," she replied and kept her eyes on Zena who was now glaring at her.

"I don't think you understand. He confiscated all of my heels, says I cant wear them again until I've given birth, he makes me check in with a doctor every other day, he even hired a damn maid to help me when he's not around!" Eva explained with a shake of her head.

Zena and Zya smiled at his overprotectiveness. The Adrian they knew was grumpy and isolated. Eva changed him for the better.

"How's work?" Zena asked, making Eva groan. "I wouldn't know. He made me take a break when I reached my third month. Said something about not wanting me to get stressed."

"Seems kind of cute to me," a blonde woman said, making her presence known. Eva smiled at her.

"Don't let him hear you calling him that or he'll lose his sh*t," she snickered.

Eva placed a hand on her baby bump and turned to look at Adrian who stood across the room by Nathaniel. She found him observing her and stuck her tongue out childishly, making him chuckle endearingly.

--Four Months Later--

"...underage female, aged 17 formally requests permission to exit the pack for three months." Eva grabbed a pen and signed her name on the bottom of the page, approving the request.

The name Eva Miller now sat neatly on top of the thin dotted line.

Adrian insisted that she used his surname even if they hadn't had their wedding ceremony yet. She didn't really care much for her name so she easily agreed.

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